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Critical Role's Darrington Press Announces Free RPG Day Project
Critical Role's gaming publishing wing Darrington Press has partnered with Free RPG Day to release a special one-page RPG On June 25th, they will be releasing A Familiar Problem, in which you will play familiars grouping together for some special one-off adventures The concept of the RPG, written by Grant Howitt (Honey Heist) and Marisha[...]
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Darrington Press revealed today that they have an official release date set for the Critical Role campaign book Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn The book, which is a remastered version of the now out-of-print original released back in 2017, brings you all of the resources and knowledge you need to set up your own campaign in the[...]
Beadle & Grimm's Announces Critical Role Tal'Dorei Campaign Box
Working with the company's publishing wing, Darrington Press, this new box will contain everything you need to run a campaign from the newly updated campaign book the company is releasing As you might suspect from previous B&G releases, this box will come with maps, pins, intricate props, and other materials that will enhance the experience[...]
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Critical Role has announced their latest book from Darrington Press as they will be releasing Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn As you may recall back in 2017, the group released a campaign book set around the world and the adventures of Tal'Dorei released through Green Ronin Publishing just as their first campaign was coming to an[...]
Critical Role Announces Darrington Press' Inagural
Critical Role's tabletop gaming division Darrington Press revealed their first board game on the way with Uk'otoa The name of the game comes from the monster that has been haunting the character Fjord in Campaign Two since the start, as you will now be on a mission to escape the deadly tentacles of this beast[...]
Interview: Ivan Van Norman Briefly Chats About Darrington Press
Last month, Critical Role announced they were starting their own tabletop wing of the company with Darrington Press As part of the launch of this new endeavor, the company brought on Ivan Van Norman to help get things going as they ambitiously announced four new tabletop games will be coming throughout 2021 All of them[...]
Critical Role Launches New Publishing Wing Darrington press
The folks at Critical Role have expanded their business yet again as they have launched a new publishing wing called Darrington Press For people who may not be aware of the reference, the name comes from the character Taryon Darrington, played by Sam Reigel for a few months in the first campaign while his main[...]