Bethesda Softworks Reveals Details To 2020–2021 Quake Pro League

This morning, PLG Esports along with Bethesda Softworks revealed details for the 2020-2021 season for the Quake Pro League. There hasn't been a ton of talk about the League since April, which goes in line with a lot of esports issues as COVID-19 messed up pretty much anything in the works. They managed to finish out the season online and with a final tournament at QuakeCon, but it felt like there was some hesitation in the air following the event as to what the next year would look like. Now we know starting on September 6th and running weekly all the way to December 13th, the organization will run the first of three stages for the season, which will carry them all the way to QuakeCon 2021 (no matter what format that show may be).

A look at the Quake Pro League logo, courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.
A look at the Quake Pro League logo, courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.

Each stage will span thirteen weeks of region-based round-robin matches broadcast live from PGL Studios every Sunday. During the regular season, players will compete to earn prizes and regional rank culminating in a three-day international final event for additional prizing and a chance to get their name etched into the Championship Belt. Regardless of skill level, any Quake Champion's player has the opportunity to qualify for the Quake Pro League through the Challengers League. After 8 weeks of Challengers qualifiers, players will compete in a double-elimination playoff bracket. The top two players from each region will challenge two players in the Quake Pro League in a winner-take-all relegation match!

Matches will start airing on the game's official Twitch channel on Sunday, as players will be competing for over $500k in prizes. You can read a far more detailed account of how all of this will play out here, as the organizers have laid out the tournament structure for all three stages and how the game will carry out for the next calendar year.

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