Bethesda Softworks Will Make Starfield Exclusive To PC & Xbox

The exclusives are now starting to be defined by Microsoft after purchasing Bethesda Softworks as Starfield will be the first for PC and Xbox. Earlier this year, when the company bought out the high-profile developer and publisher, a lot of people were concerned as to how everything would work out with current and future titles under the Bethesda banner. It was made clear early on that any deals that were currently in existence would be honored, so PlayStation owners who love DOOM Eternal wouldn't be getting denied future content, and games like Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo would not suddenly be denied to PS5 players. However, you knew it wouldn't last forever, and the first title to be held within the ownership boundaries will now end up being Starfield.

Starfield is currently in production with an unknown release date, courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.
Starfield is currently in production with an unknown release date, courtesy of Bethesda Softworks.

The word started trickling out last week from people like Jeff Grubb at Venture Beat, who posted the news on their social media. Which also got analysts like Daniel Ahmad chiming in on the situation.

What makes Starfield so interesting of a case is that the game was apparently sought after by Sony. According to Video Games Chronicle, Sony Interactive Entertainment was in talks with Bethesda to make the game a PS5 exclusive back before the console had even been released. But once the sale went through with Microsoft, all those talks pretty much ceased. This makes things very interesting as no one outside industry reps and people in the know has even seen the game yet, meaning the game could already be an early winner or it could have just been Sony trying to get an edge over the competition with a product sight unseen. Regardless, it doesn't matter as it's pretty clear where all new games from Bethesda will be headed next.

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