"Black Desert Mobile" Has Bosses Looking For Revenge In Season 2

Pearl Abyss has released the latest patch notes for Season 2 of Black Desert Mobile, and this time around the bosses are coming back in force. World bosses like Nouver, Karanda, and Kzarka have returned and are now much harder to defeat. Which will put you and other party members in a jam to get higher levels and coordinate your attacks better. We have a few details of what's been added below, but you can read the full set of patch notes here.

"Black Desert Mobile" Has Bosses Looking For Revenge In Season 2
Credit: Pearl Abyss

Also coming to Black Desert Mobile is a new way for adventurers to make their characters even stronger. Magical enchantment for accessories is now available, which requires silver and magical essence to use. The latter can be earned by feeding the Black Spirit with unwanted items, or it can be acquired from the Pearl Shop. A new way to gear up and take on the threat of the world bosses!

In addition to these updates, one of Black Desert's most coveted and popular classes, the Dark Knight, is now available for pre-registration. This mysterious new class is as beautiful as she is deadly, and uses a two-handed Kriegsmesser as her primary weapon. She is known for her deadly close combat melee attacks and dangerous mid-range black spells. Despite her massive weaponry, she is highly mobile, fast and quick on her feet, allowing her to unleash extremely powerful attacks in a flash. Adventurers will want to make sure to have her in their arsenal when she becomes available.

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