Mega Charizard Y Raid Guide For Pokémon GO Players: May 2021

Mega Charizard Y, the stronger of Charizard's two possible Mega Evolutions, has returned to raids. The meta is ever-changing in Pokémon GO and with this Raid Guide, you can prepare a team of the best current counters to take on this Mega, perfect your catching strategy, and understand Charizard's 100% IVs.

Mega Charizard Y official artwork. Credit: Pokémon Company
Mega Charizard Y official artwork. Credit: Pokémon Company

Top Mega Charizard Y Counters

Pokebattler, which calculates all possible combinations of Pokémon and moves, lists the top 10 Mega Charizard Y counters as such:

  • Shadow Tyranitar (Smack Down, Stone Edge)
  • Rhyperior (Smack Down, Rock Wrecker)
  • Rampardos (Smack Down, Rock Slide)
  • Terrakion (Smack Down, Rock Slide)
  • Shadow Aerodactyl (Rock Throw, Rock Slide)
  • Shadow Omastar (Rock Throw, Rock Slide)
  • Tyranitar (Smack Down, Stone Edge)
  • Gigalith (Smak Down, Rock Slide)
  • Aerodactyl (Rock Throw, Rock Slide)
  • Omastar (Rock Throw, Rock Slide)

Ah, unfortunately, the brand new Mega Pokémon Ampharos just failed to make the Top Ten. If you are going to go in with a Mega, though, Ampharos is the one you'll want to enter with.

It is recommended to power up your counters as much as possible, but creating that amount of strong Shadow or Mega Pokémon with their moves unlocked is a tall order for even the most practiced players. Here are ten additional non-Shadow and non-Mega counters that can help take down Mega Charizard Y with efficiency.

  • Golem (Rock Throw, Stone Edge)
  • Alolan Golem (Rock Throw, Stone Edge)
  • Incarnate Forme Landorus (Rock Throw, Rock Slide)
  • Aggron (Smack Down, Stone Edge)
  • Lunatone (Rock Throw, Rock Slide)
  • Solrock (Rock Throw, Rock Slide)
  • Regirock (Rock Throw, Stone Edge)
  • Archeops (Wing Attack, Ancient Power)
  • Zekrom (Charge Beam, Wild Charge)
  • Carracosta (Rock Throw, Ancient Power)

We have had a slight re-ordering here, with Lunatone and Zekrom each rising a spot since we last covered Mega Charizard Y counters in January of 2021. The rocky boys remain the major hitters, though.

How Many Trainers Are Needed?

As a result of its double weakness to Rock-types, Mega Charizard Y can be defeated with two trainers… as long as you both go in very prepared with a full team of the top choices. Without prior planning, this may be tough to pull off, so going in with three or four trainers is a more reliable bet.

Shiny Odds & 100% IVs

The Shiny rate for Pokémon with their Mega Evolutions unlocked is approximately one in 60.

When looking for a Pokémon with the best stats, note that Mega Charizard Y will revert to the standard Charizard form before the catch screen. The 100% IV Charizard will have a CP of 1651 in normal weather conditions and 2064 in boosted conditions.

Happy raiding, fellow trainers!

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