Blaze Entertainment Reveals A New Retro Console With Evercade VS

Blaze Entertainment has revealed a new gaming console for the Evercade line of retro cartridge collections with the Evercade VS. The console has been designed to hold not one, but two of the cartridges so you can swap between whichever collection you would like to play. So in theory, if you own all of their specialty cartridges, you have a library of over 280 titles to play. The two controllers have been designed to work with all of the games, but it does come with 4-player USB support so you can link whatever controller you want up to it. Pre-orders will open on May 28th with it selling for $100, set to ship in November 2021. We got more info for you here along with a trailer.

A look at the Evercade VS, courtesy of Blaze Entertainment.
A look at the Evercade VS, courtesy of Blaze Entertainment.

Evoking the nostalgia for retro gaming with its physical only game distribution, the Evercade VS goes one step further in allowing people to Play Together. The new console has support for up to four players simultaneously via either the proprietary Evercade VS USB Controller provided in the pack (or available to purchase separately for additional controllers). This follows the same levels of comfort that many praised the Evercade Handheld for, with ergonomically designed controllers that suit all retro games. Evercade games already come with multiplayer support so the existing library with multiplayer capability will be instantly supported. The Evercade VS will also support numerous third-party USB and wireless controllers, including the Xbox Adaptive controller and 8bitdo wireless controllers.

The Evercade VS uses the same Cartridge-based game system as the Evercade Handheld, meaning that the existing library of over 260 games across over 20+ cartridges available throughout 2021 will be fully supported* with all future cartridges also supporting both platforms. So those who already have the Evercade Handheld or are invested in the cartridge family can instantly enjoy their games on the Evercade VS, or those new to the system will have an incredibly large back catalogue to choose from.

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