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Evercade Announces Renovation Collection One For 2022
Evercade announced their latest retro games collection, set to be released in 2022, as we're getting the Renovation Collection One The collection comes from a collaboration between Blaze Entertainment and Edia Co Ltd, as the collection will come with twelve 16-bit retro games, originally released by the publisher Telenet Japan and Renovation in the United[...]
Evercade Reveals Arcade Collections For Handheld & VS Systems
Blaze Entertainment revealed this morning they are releasing a new set of arcade title collections for Evercade handheld and VS systems All four of them will be made available for purchase individually later this year, and will come with support for save states just like their current existing collections do The four sets will be[...]
Evercade Unveils The Bitmap Brothers Collection 1
Evercade has announced their latest collection that will be coming to their retro console with The Bitmap Brothers Collection 1 The collection is being divided up due to the size of some of their titles, so this first cartridge isn't going to have that much In fact, it will only hold five games Those five[...]
Blaze Entertainment Reveals A New Retro Console With Evercade VS
Blaze Entertainment has revealed a new gaming console for the Evercade line of retro cartridge collections with the Evercade VS The console has been designed to hold not one, but two of the cartridges so you can swap between whichever collection you would like to play So in theory, if you own all of their[...]
Evercade Announces Mega Cat Studios Collection 2
Evercade has revealed another collection of retro game titles on the way with Mega Cat Studios Collection 2 Unlike the previous collection which had 17 games to choose from, this time around it only has eight But the eight they have are some of the more expansive and experimental games of the bunch, many of[...]
Blaze Entertainment Announces Intellivision Collections For Evercade
Evercade is getting another set of classic games as Blaze Entertainment will be making a series of Intellivision collections The company will be making a cartridge for the portable retro games system which will eventually be called Intellivision Collection 1 It will feature 12 games from the home console, with three of them already named[...]
Evercade Announces Codemasters Collection 1 Coming In 2021
Evercade announced a new collection coming to their retro console next year as they're releasing Codemasters Collection 1 The latest in advanced announcements for retro collections coming to the portable console, this is a mix of their classic platformers and sports titles they were known for back in the '90s The majority of them being[...]
Evercade Announces Worms Collection 1 Coming In 2021
Evercade has partnered up with Team17 to release Worms Collection 1, which will be coming out for the console in 2021 The company has been putting together collections from multiple game companies over the past year, but most of them don't release until later in the year or next as they're formatting them to their[...]
Evercade Reveales Two New Collections For Jaleco & Piko Interactive
Evercade revealed two new collections on the way as they're making a Jaleco set and a second Piko Interactive set The UK-based company has been working hard to release old-school retro games for their specially designed handheld console, giving fans collections of titles that unless you owned the console they were tied to or owned[...]
Evercade Announce The Oliver Twins Collection Cartridge
Evercade revealed this week that they will be releasing a new retro cartridge later this year featuring the games of the Oliver Twins This special edition cartridge is a project between Codemasters, The Oliver Twins, and Evercade, with all profits going to the National VideoGame Museum charity It will include 11 of their games including[...]
atari lynx collection 2 for evercade
Evercade revealed today that they have a second cartridge of Ataru Lynx games on the way with the Atari Lynx Collection 2 If you're not already aware of it, Evercade is a brand new console that has created its own special brand of retro-style game cartridges that contain multiple video games at once on a[...]
"Xeno Crisis" & "Tanglewood" Receive An Evercade Cartridge Release
Evercade announced a new cartridge release for a pair of modern games, as they are pairing Xeno Crisis and Tanglewood into a dual game The games will be released sometime in Q3 of 2020, setup in an Atari Lynx cartridge for Evercade's mobile handheld device It's a pretty cool endeavor as this marks the company's[...]
Evercade Announces An Atari Lynx Cartridge With 17 games
Evercade has added another collection of games to their handheld console as they now have the Atari Lynx Collection 1 for you to pick up The collection has 17 games from the old-school system including Scrapyard Dog, Basketbrawl, Super Asteroids/Missile Command, Awesome Golf, Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure, Dracula the Undead, and Malibu Bikini Volleyball[...]