New Eggs & Shadow Mewtwo Coming To Pokémon GO

Dataminers are sort of like the Santa Clause of the Pokémon GO community. They sneak in somewhere they probably shouldn't be sneaking into, probably snoop around a bit, and, when all is said and done, they come bearing gifts. Now, the dataminers known as the Pokeminers have found some new information within the code of the latest Pokémon GO update, including information on next week's mysterious Egg event. Here's what they found and what it means for the game.

Shadow Mewtwo in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Shadow Mewtwo in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

As we reported earlier, Giovanni will be returning this month. The new information that Dataminers have found has been pulled from a punny Special Research titled "An Inter-egg-sting Development." This new set of Team GO Rocket activity is set to be the non-GO Fest debut of Shadow Mewtwo for free-to-play players along with a brand new Egg in Pokémon GO called "Strange Eggs." Here's a few quotes from this research, and their meaning for players:

"We've heard rumors that Arlo was the one who spearheaded the Shadow Pokémon program not long after he parted ways with Candela and Team Valor. More recently, Spark discovered that Team GO Rocket may be hatching a plot involving Pokémon Eggs! Is Arlo involved in this, too?"

Interestingly, some character development here. Could Niantic be pushing Pokémon GO the way of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, with a bit more narrative in the events? In any case, this seems to suggest that these new Eggs will hatch Shadow Pokémon.

"I noticed you caught a Larvitar. It's highly unusual to see one in the wild. Maybe it came from one of the Pokémon Eggs that Team GO Rocket has been collecting… While you were out battling Grunts, the team leaders and I discovered that Team GO Rocket has been collecting a mysterious kind of Pokémon Egg we're calling Strange Eggs. It appears that mostly Poison- or Dark-type Pokémon hatch from these Eggs. Let's save and hatch as many Strange Eggs as possible before Team GO Rocket is able to grow their ranks!"

Now, this doesn't specify "Shadow Pokémon" for the Eggs, which is interesting. The Professor just says "Larvitar," not "Shadow Larvitar." Perhaps this will just be a Dark/Poison-type Egg pool?

Then, some dialogue reveals Sierra as the architect of the Egg program, before mentioning Shadow Mewtwo:

"You need to save Shadow Mewtwo, Trainer! I have a feeling Giovanni plans on using this poor Pokémon for nefarious ends."

Save it, sure. But trainers may want to hold off before Purifying their Shadow Mewtwo, because the Shadow boost makes it an unparalleled attacker.

In addition to this, they found:

  • An event called "The Seasons Change: Part 2." We already saw research with "The Seasons Change: Part 1" revealed yesterday for the current Autumn-themed event. This second part is likely for a fall-into-winter event.
  • Some information on "A Tale of Tails," the Charmander Community Day research, which we'll cover in the coming days. Nothing groundbreaking, but we want to help Pokémon GO trainers decide if buying this research is worth it.
  • Incense will now permanently last sixty minutes, with that no longer being listed as a boost.
  • There will be updates to make searching your storage easier in Pokémon GO.

This focus on Shadow Mewtwo means that Mewtwo will likely not be the Halloween surprise raid boss. We're now thinking it will be Yveltal making it's Pokémon GO debut as our first-ever Generation Six Lengedary Pokémon. News on that to come.

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