Blizzard Adds A Quality Of Life Patch To Overwatch

While the developers at Blizzard may be working on a sequel, they haven't forgotten people are still playing Overwatch. Because of this, the devs appear to have moved into a new phase of development between the two after the addition of Echo to the roster. The devs released a new quality of life patch into the public test servers for players to test out that brings in some patches and fixes to a few areas, as well as some nifty little features people might enjoy. You can read about some of them below, and check out the full list of notes here. But our favorite that's been making the rounds, as you can see at the bottom, is the fact that the basketball in the Orca (the plane you exit on some maps) now regenerates so you and other players can take shots at the hoop from the desk while you wait to leave.

The new Overwatch patch should improve a few things on the PTR.
The new Overwatch patch should improve a few things on the PTR.


Feature Update: Improved Communications Wheel

We have added many more communication options so you can customize your interactions in Overwatch! To help you pick your favorites, go to Options -> Controls and scroll down to the Communication Wheel section. From here, you can choose from one of 26 different options for each sector of the wheel. You can change out your choices and swap around their positions within the wheel. Now, you can still tell your team "I Need Healing," but you can also tell them you are "On My Way" so they should "Press the Attack!"

  • New options are now available to customize the Communications Wheel
  • Shortcuts are now customizable; pick from a set of 26 different communication options
  • Additional keybindings are now available to support more voiceover lines

Feature Update: Patch Notes in Client

Players are now be able to read about the latest changes to Overwatch from within the game. We wanted to players across all platforms to have convenient access to this information, and it's now easier than ever to stay up-to-date.

  • Selecting the Patch Notes button on the main menu will display the patch notes in the client, and no longer requires a separate web browser
  • Patch Notes will show as "new" whenever a game update is available

[PTR] you can now interact to reset basketballs in spawn from r/Overwatch

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