Bungie Details Destiny 2 Season Seven's New Pinnacle Weapons

This week, in advance of Destiny 2's seventh season, called Season of Opulence, Bungie revealed the season's pinnacle weapons. Today, on their weekly blog This Week At Bungie, Bungie went into detail on those weapons. Those weapons are: Wendigo-GL3, a grenade launcher, Revoker, a sniper rifle, and Hush, a bow.

Bungie buried an interesting note in the Revoker description, players "do not lose progress when losing a [Competitive] match." Competitive, for the lifetime of Destiny 2, was an unforgiving game mode that rewarded wins, but penalized for losses. It's unclear whether this note means that Bungie will tweak the entire mode for Season of Opulence OR if that phrase only refers to the more forgiving road to Revoker.

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Vanguard—Wendigo-GL3 (Arc Adaptive Grenade Launcher)
* Wendigo-GL3's unique perk is "Explosive Light—Picking up an Orb of Light increases the next grenade's blast radius and damage"
* Unlike most drum Grenade Launchers, Wendigo-GL3 comes with Blinding Grenades as its magazine option for some added utility to shut down teleporting Taken Captains or that Cabal Gladiator about to get in your face
* You can carry up to six grenades enhanced by Explosive Light, so be sure to not let any Orbs of Light slip through your fingers when you've got this weapon equipped

Bungie Details Destiny 2 Season Seven's New Pinnacle Weapons
credit// Bungie

Crucible—Revoker (Kinetic Aggressive Sniper Rifle)
* Revoker's unique perk is "Reversal of Fortune—Missing a shot returns the bullet to the magazine after a short duration"
* Even the greatest of snipers is not a perfect sharpshooter, and you miss every shot you don't take
* Revoker was built with the mindset that you should always go for it, but keep in mind that Reversal of Fortune can only return a single bullet at a time
* Along with its unique perk, this sniper has a custom low zoom Ambush SLH25 scope and Snapshot for those close quarters battles
* Acquiring Revoker will not require reaching Fabled rank in Competitive
* Players will need to earn 3500 total Glory points
* You do not lose progress when losing a match

Bungie Details Destiny 2 Season Seven's New Pinnacle Weapons
credit// Bungie

Gambit—Hush (Solar Precision Combat Bow)
* Hush's unique perk is "Archer's Gambit—Hipfire precision hits grant a massive draw speed bonus for a short duration"
* This weapon is for those who would proclaim mastery with the Combat Bow
* Archer's Gambit pays out significantly better than Archer's Tempo, but it's going to take a more skilled hand to get the most out of it
* Make those shots count

In a recent community post, Bungie called "Season of Opulence" a new era for Destiny 2. So clearly, they're hoping to turn the game around now that they're free of Activision.

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