Destiny 2 2020 Guardian Games

Bungie Launches The Guardian Games In Destiny 2

This week, competition among players in Destiny 2 is going to get a little higher as Bungie has launched the Guardian Games. This is your chance to show off which class is the best as Update 2.8.1 launches the new competition in which all three will be battling against each other. On top of this, […]

Bungie The Guardians Heart Emblem

Bungie Launches Fundraiser For Global Healthcare Workers

Bungie has launched a new fundraiser in their community this week to support global healthcare workers during the coronavirus outbreak. The company revealed that they are currently running the Guardian's Heart fundraising initiative. All of the profits for this we'll be going directly to the charity Direct Relief. According to the company, this particular campaign […]

Bungie Raised $1M Through Guardians For Australia

The Bungie Foundation announced today that their Guardians for Australia t-shirt campaign helped raise $1 million to support those impacted by the Australian bushfires. Since they launched the program on January 14th, they have sold over 75k shirts. The funds raised during the campaign will go towards the NSW Rural Fire Service and WIRES. Here's a quote […]

"Destiny 2: Shadowkeep" Receives A New Launch Trailer

New "Destiny 2" Updates Erased Years Of Progress For Players

If you think just because Bungie is no longer working with Activision that Destiny 2 is free of problems, guess again as a new update caused more headaches. The company released an update without any warning to the community that essentially updated the stat tracking function on emblems. Basically, they were trying to make it […]

Bungie's Offices Officially Closed Over Coronavirus Concerns

Bungie's Offices Officially Closed Over Coronavirus Concerns

Covid-19 (coronavirus if you're nasty) is affecting just about everyone, including video game developers. Developer Bungie has closed its doors in light of the threat of the virus descending upon, well, just about everywhere. The company took to its official blog to announce plans to shut down, or at the very least keep employees at […]

"Destiny 2"

Bungie Reveals Details To "Destiny 2" Season Of The Worthy

This week, Bungie revealed a short list of items of what would be coming to Destiny 2's Season Of The Worthy and what players can expect from the game. There wasn't of a ton of info storyline-wise, but we got the gist of it with the return of Trials Of Osiris, new weapons and armor […]

"Destiny 2" Is Finally Bringing Back The Trials Of Osiris

Some cool news for Destiny 2 players as the devs are officially bringing back Trials of Osiris, and it will happen during Season of the Worthy. The PvP mode that was super popular in the original game is making a comeback, as players can now put together their favorite three-person team for 3-v-3 battles. The […]


Bungie & Ubisoft Join In Australia Brush Fire Fundraising Efforts

Two more game companies have joined on to send support for the Australia Brush Fire efforts, as Bungie and Ubisoft have started fundraising campaigns. First up, Ubisoft posted that they have donated $30k to the efforts, and posted this message on Twitter to let fans know where they can donate to help out. The bushfire […]

"Destiny 2: Shadowkeep" Receives A New Launch Trailer

"Destiny 2: Shadowkeep" Receives A New Launch Trailer

Before Bungie releases the latest expansion to Destiny 2 and somehow turns the name of it into Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, the devs released a launch trailer. Enjoy the new missions, new sights to see, new gear to snag, and all the fun of trying to get all your friends on the same page without dying […]

Auto Draft

Bungie Details Destiny 2 Season Seven's New Pinnacle Weapons

This week, in advance of Destiny 2's seventh season, called Season of Opulence, Bungie revealed the season's pinnacle weapons. Today, on their weekly blog This Week At Bungie, Bungie went into detail on those weapons. Those weapons are: Wendigo-GL3, a grenade launcher, Revoker, a sniper rifle, and Hush, a bow. Bungie buried an interesting note […]

Destiny 2

Bungie Adds A New Destiny 2 Update Removing Activision's Credits

Cue up Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know", as Bungie devs are throwing clothing out of Destiny 2's apartment window this week. In one of the most "Bye Felicia" things you can do as a game company, PCGamesN is reporting that the latest Battle.net patch has completely removed any and all mentions or credit of […]