Call of Duty: WWII The Resistance will Kick Off with a Community Event



The Resistance is in search of new recruits in Call of Duty: WWII's first DLC The Resistance. The DLC will kick off with a new free limited time in-game event starting Jan. 23, 2018. We'll also be getting some 2XP playlists which include a  variety of game modes during the five-week Resistance Community Event.

Also, be sure to visit Headquarters each week of the Event for a free Resistance Supply Drop. Keep an eye out for special Orders and Contracts that grant new weapons, Supply Drops, XP boosts, Armory Credits, and more. And be sure to unlock the limited-time Resistance-themed Collection Rewards before the event ends on February 27th.

In addition, Captain Butcher will be returning to us from the front lines during the event as well, so you can look forward to visting him at HQ to pick up new Resistance Supply Drops, complete Resistance Collections, and sign up for new Contracts.

All players will get access to the new Resistance division on the 23rd. The Resistance is built to reflect the skills and experience of citizen soldiers from across Europe, and features the new Tactical Knife Skill, a new 9mm SAP Pistol, as well as new skills that can alter the tide of battle, such as the ability to scramble enemy maps. This one is great if you enjoy a bit of mayhem, rebellion, spying, and sabotage.

We'll also get two new game modes: prop hunt and demolition, along with new gear and weapons.

You can check out the brand new event trailer below.

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