Captain ToonHead Vs. The Punks from Outer Space Gets A New Trailer

Teravision Games and Upload VR revealed a brand new gameplay trailer this week for Captain ToonHead Vs. The Punks from Outer Space. The latest trailer for the game gives you a proper introduction from the Captain himself as he goes over everything you'll be working with and against in the upcoming VR title. This is about as detailed as a preview you'll get for the gameplay before release as he goes over the different types of weaponry, enemies, upgrades, and never-before-seen arenas that you'll experience in this FPS Tower Defense hybrid. We have the trailer down for you below as the game looks pretty awesome in all of its VR glory. However, we still don't have a release date for it. Hopefully, they'll reveal that during PAX West 2021.

Captain ToonHead Vs. The Punks from Outer Space Gets A New Trailer
Credit: Teravision Games

This is not your diorama-style VR tower defense. This time you're going to have to move all over the map, hammer away to upgrade your towers, throw over-powered chanclas recklessly and shoot electric beams from weaponized pizza at your enemies. Fight from the front lines! After the whole squad sent by the World Treaty for Freedom (WTF) got fried by a burrito-related explosion, it's on Elliott Salazar, the cartoon-obsessed facility technician and the only survivor, to save Earth. There's a new captain onboard: Captain ToonHead!

Take manual control of a tower to project lethal beams of hot sauce from your hands, ignite infinite heat-seeking fireworks, irresponsibly spray a snowball machine gun, shoot rays from electrified pizza slices or unleash a piñata blitz over your enemies. You're going to do a lot of shooting, that's for sure, but shooting alone will not defeat the waves of Cyberchickens, punks and Terra-sharks. You're going to have to combine those Piñata towers and chancla throws in a very strategic way if you want to save more Enercubes and destroy the EarthRadicator-1000.

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