Chucklefish Shows Off the Weather System in Wargroove

A new blog post went up from a Chucklefish programmer named Krakauer, who has been hard at work on the game Wargroove that will be released hopefully sometime this year. The latest post focuses in on the weather system and how it will affect battle during the RPG. We have a description of how the system will work below from the post, along with these pics to show it in action, but the short version is that each weather system can and will affect your troops and your enemies in different ways. The same as how you would perform on a rain-soaked field or during a windy sandstorm.

The first feature I've been working on is Wargroove's weather system! Weather adds a degree of unpredictability to each battle. Will favourable winds give you that extra push you need to reach an enemy, or will a blizzard bog your units down in snowdrifts? Weather forces commanders to think on their feet when conditions change. Each map can have three weather types: sunny, windy, and severe. Severe weather is based on the map's biome, and can be rain, snow, or sandstorms. These effects can also be disabled in multiplayer. Weather can affect each commanders' units with bonuses or penalties to their stats.  Wind lets boats move further, archers shoot more distant targets, and flying units do more damage. Severe weather has the opposite effect, slowing down the battle as the storm rages.

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