Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Gets A New Patch

Electronic Arts, along with Petroglyph and Lemon Sky Studios, have added a new patch into Command & Conquer Remastered Collection this week. The patch was dropped into the game yesterday and with it came a number of new additions. What's special about this patch is that it focuses on adding some of the most-requested items from the community that they vocalized on social media. So now the game has LAN Play, a series of balance adjustments, a reset of the Quickmatch leaderboards, the addition of Community Maps, and Mod Compatibility. Along with a few more odds and ends and a series of bug fixes pointed out to them. We have a snippet of the info for you below as you can read the full patch notes in a blog post from Lead Producer Jim Vessella here.

A look at LAN play with mods in Command & Conquer, courtesy of Electronic Arts.
A look at LAN play with mods in Command & Conquer, courtesy of Electronic Arts.

Command & Conquer LAN Play

As requested by the community over the course of the project, this update includes our official implementation of LAN Play. LAN Play allows players to enjoy Mod content in multiplayer, and should be an evergreen way to enjoy multiplayer far into the future. We did our best to test this feature amongst the Covid situation during development, along with attempting to get feedback from the community via Beta patches. But given the variety of ways people could play over VPN and with Mods, we expect there still to be some quirks in the system. Please continue to provide feedback so we can make any refinements going forward.

Balance Adjustments

Over the past several weeks we've been collaborating with the community to tackle a few key balance items in the game. To see further context for these adjustments and read the full community discussion, please refer to my previous post here.

Community Maps

A few weeks ago we announced the initiative of incorporating community made content into the actual game update so they can be officially utilized in Multiplayer and Quickmatch. We have decided to keep the first batch of Community maps as revealed, but have also made a few adjustments of the previous maps based on community feedback. The full details of these maps can be seen in the patch notes below.

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