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Conan Exiles Announces Age Of Sorcery Update Arriving September 1st

Funcom revealed new details to the 3.0 update coming to Conan Exiles as they have named this new expansion the Age Of Sorcery. Those of you who have been hoping for more magic in the game will get your wish as you'll now have the ability to cast spells that have both a positive and negative effect. The positive is that you'll get buffs, enhancements, and attacks that will help you in combat and other dealings throughout the realm. The drawback is that it serves as corruption on you as a character, and will negatively affect you if not dealt with. The game will give you the ability to collect pages n a spellbook to gain greater abilities and learn more spells in different areas, as well as a sacrifice table for you to literally bleed the life out of NPCs for power. Oh, did we mention you can now fly around on a giant bat? We have more info below, but the content will officially drop on September 1st, 2022.

Conan Exiles Announces Age Of Sorcery Update Arriving September 1st
Credit: Funcom

The Age of Sorcery will allow you to sacrifice a portion of your life force to wield dark powers. This is insidious, creeping sorcery that requires both preparation and a pinch of madness, as opposed to fireballs and arcane missiles. In addition to sorcery, a new attribute and perk system significantly expands choice when leveling your character, giving you choices between two perks at certain thresholds. Some attributes can also be infused with corruption to gain special perks.

Build faster and easier than ever before thanks to a brand-new building interface and the new Creative Mode. Explore improvements to followers, new dangers to survive in the wild, and a Battle Pass and item store brimming with cosmetics. Age of Sorcery marks the first season in a new model for Conan Exiles. Each season will come with its own theme, free content and features, and paid Battle Passes. A host of additional features and improvements wait to be discovered when the Age of Sorcery begins on September 1. With the game being free to try on Steam from September 1-8 and Xbox from September 8-11, there has never been a better time to take the first steps into the Exiled lands or invite friends and form a clan.

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