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Conan Exiles Receives "People Of The Dragon" DLC
Funcom has launched a brand new DLC pack today for Conan Exiles as players can dive into a ton of content from People Of The Dragon This particular pack is going to give you a lot to find and work with as they have added 110 new items to the mix including medieval building pieces,[...]
Tencent Announces Plans To Acquire Full Ownership Of Funcom
Funcom revealed this morning they have expanded their operations in both Romania and Sweden after a new acquisition The Norwegian game publisher acquired Swedish game developer The Outsiders, which will effectively make them in charge of the studio after purchasing a major stake in the company Meanwhile, in the same breath, the company revealed they[...]
Anarchy Online Celebrates Its Twentieth Anniversary
Funcom celebrated a major game milestone over the weekend as Anarchy Online officially hit its 20th Anniversary The game originally launched on June 27th, 2001, and while the launch was a bit rocky with issues in account registration, lag, and crashes,  it overcame those issues and before the year was out, it won the MMO[...]
Conan Exiles: Isle Of Siptah Launches Onto PC & Consoles
Funcom has officially released Conan Exiles: Isle Of Siptah this week on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, as well as on Xbox Game Pass The game has been in Early Access for the longest time, but now the world of Conan has been fully released for you to dive into Technically the full game has yet[...]
Conan Exiles: Isle Of Siptah Receives A Release Date
Funcom has revealed details today about Conan Exiles: Isle Of Siptah as the expansion now has a release date This one has been in the works for a while now and kept getting pushed back with little hints and teases here and there of when we'd finally see it But now we know the expansion[...]
Conan Chop Chop Gets A New Release Window Of Early 2021
Tell me if you've heard this one before. Conan Chop Chop has got a new release window from Funcom, this time for Early 2021 Back in June, the game was delayed, yet again, after having been delayed a few times already We assumed the game was basically relegated to development hell at that point and would[...]
Metal: Hellsinger Gets A New Gameplay Music Video
Funcom and The Outsiders revealed a brand new gameplay music video for their upcoming rhythm FPS title, Metal: Hellsinger We've been looking forward to this one since it was announced over the summer, but until now there hasn't been a ton of info released about it Now we have an awesome little trailer which is[...]
Conan Exiles: Isle Of Siptah Will Be The Game's First Major Expansion
Its been a long time since we heard anything from Funcom about Conan Exiles, but now we know the game is getting an expansion The new expansion called Isle Of Sipath will be released into the game on September 15th To get players into the game, from now until  Monday, September 14th, you can try[...]
Conan Chop Chop's Release Has Been Delayed… Again
Sad news today for those of you waiting on Conan Chop Chop as Funcom revealed the game has been pushed back again Back in February the company originally pushed the game back to Q2 2020, in what we thought would be the final push for the game as we awaited a proper release date for[...]
Indie FPS Metal: Hellsinger Announced For Next-Gen Consoles - 2021
Indie game developer The Outsiders and publisher Funcom have collaborated to bring mortal consumers the upcoming music-driven first-person-shooter game Metal: Hellsinger! The game has just been announced and is set to release in 2021 for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Key art for Metal: Hellsinger, a music-driven indie FPS developed by[...]
Age of Conan Onslaught Main Art
Funcom announced today that they've added one of the biggest updates to Age Of Conan ever produced for the game The new update to the game is simply titled "Onslaught", which based around the 1993 short story Black Colossus, as part of the Conan lore This new content will put you at odds with a[...]
"Conan Chop Chop" Gets Pushed Back To Q2 2020
Funcom and Mighty Kingdom announced this week that the game will now come out sometime in Q2 2020 Here's a quick quote from the announcement. Credit: Funcom "We are almost at the finish line The additional time is to ensure that the game is optimized for online multiplayer, and to give us a chance to add some[...]
Tencent Announces Plans To Acquire Full Ownership Of Funcom
Tencent Interactive Entertainment announced this week that they have made a voluntary cash offer to acquire the Norwegian game company Funcom The company already owns a chunk of the company with nearly 29% of its shares Tencent is offering all shareholders NOK 17.00 per share, which according to Funcom, is 27.3% higher than the closing[...]
"Moons Of Madness" Receives An October Launch Date
Funcom announced today that the console version of Moons Of Madness is getting pushed back, but only by two months into March 2020 The game was originally set to come out next week on January 21st, but now has been moved to March 24th The only answer they gave fans for the move was "The[...]
"Conan Chop Chop" Receives A February 2020 Release Date
This week, Funcom and Mighty Kingdom have announced an official release date for the once-joke-now-very-real game Conan Chop Chop The game will be released on February 25th, 2020 for the PC and all three major consoles The game originally started as an April Fool's joke, but after major feedback from fans, turned into an actual[...]