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Metal: Hellsinger Will be Released Sometime In 2022
Funcom and The Outsiders released a brand new mini-documentary for Metal: Hellsinger as they discuss the music The documentary interviews Elvira Björkman and Nicklas Hjertberg of the band Two Feathers as they go over how they managed to put the music for the game together, as well as performing at Gamescom 2022 during the game's[...]
Dune: Spice Wars Reveals New Corrino Faction Update
Funcom has revealed a new update for Dune: Spice Wars today as players will get the Imperial House Corrino Faction As you can guess from the title, you'll be given a new fifth faction to play in the game as they will add House Corrino to the Spice War The game has been getting a[...]
Conan Exiles Announces Age Of Sorcery Update Arriving September 1st
Funcom has officially launched the latest expansion to Conan Exiles with Age Of Sorcery, and with it comes a brand new trailer Magic will finally be incorporated into regular gameplay as you will roam around with a spellbook and the ability to cast certain rituals to help with your protection and attacks, but they come[...]
Conan Exiles Announces Age Of Sorcery Update Arriving September 1st
Funcom revealed new details to the 3.0 update coming to Conan Exiles as they have named this new expansion the Age Of Sorcery Those of you who have been hoping for more magic in the game will get your wish as you'll now have the ability to cast spells that have both a positive and[...]
Metal: Hellsinger To Hold Metal Concert At Gamescom 2022
Funcom and developer The Outsiders will be throwing a special metal concert at Gamescom 2022 for their new game Metal: Hellsinger In what they're boasting will be the "largest live concert ever seen at the event," several singers from different bands who make appearances in the game will be live and in person for a[...]
Funcom & Shiro Games Announce Dune: Spice Wars
Funcom has released new info about the Early Access version of Dune: Spice Wars as you will soon have an entirely new faction to try So far players have been able to play both solo missions as well as online multiplayer matches with four primary factions Sometime in the near future, players will be getting[...]
Conan Exiles Next Update Will Be Called The Age Of Sorcery
Funcom revealed today that Conan Exiles will be getting a new massive update which is set to be called The Age Of Sorcery Technically being referred to as the giant 3.0 update for the game, the content will be released sometime in Q3 2022 and will be absolutely free to everyone who owns the game[...]
Funcom & Shiro Games Announce Dune: Spice Wars
Funcom has revealed new details to their plans for Dune: Spice Wars as we have a roadmap for the game's planned Early Access updates Along with developer Shiro Games, the two companies are looking to make the entire Early Access experience one to enjoy as they plan to release new content over the Summer and,[...]
System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian Joins Metal: Hellsinger
Funcom and developer The Outsiders revealed that System Of A Down's frontman Serj Tankian has joined the roster of Metal: Hellsinger Joining what is already becoming an impressive lineup of metal vocalists, Tankian will be lending his voice to the rhythm FPS title as you'll be able to slay demons to his iconic vocals The[...]
Funcom & Shiro Games Announce Dune: Spice Wars
Funcom has released some new details of what's in Dune: Spice Wars as the game was released into Steam Early Access today The Early Access version will come with four playable factions as you get to try out a good chunk of the game and try a number of objectives, missions, mechanics, and other content[...]
Funcom & Shiro Games Announce Dune: Spice Wars
Funcom revealed a few new details to Dune: Spice Wars before the game is released into Early Access on Steam on April 26th The team released a large FAQ detailing everything you need to know about the game before you have a chance to play it The two major points they wanted to get across[...]
Dune: Spice Wars Is Coming To PC Early Access On April 26th
Funcom and Shiro Games revealed this morning that Dune: Spice Wars will be getting the Early Access treatment on PC later this month The team is a little extra excited to bring this to players early, as it will be the first time in over 20 years you'll be experiencing a brand new Dune title[...]
Funcom & Shiro Games Announce Dune: Spice Wars
Funcom revealed a new faction is on the way for Dune: Spice Wars as they will introduce The Smugglers into the global strife and spice trade The faction operates outside of the usual bonds and territory that the other factions do, as they make their hold on the underground economic power in the Imperium They[...]
Funcom & Shiro Games Announce Dune: Spice Wars
Funcom dropped an awesome new trailer this morning for Dune: Spice Wars as we get a better look at the gameplay for the 4X/RTS title The video is great as it is giving you a look at how the game will play out in its many aspects from harvesting spice, to setting up outposts and[...]
Conan Chop Chop Set To Be Released On March 1st
Once an April Fool's joke turned actual project because of how much the fans loved it, Funcom has been trying to get this game made for years, but it always seemed like one problem or another cropped up to stall the project Well, shortly after the company bought the rights to the Conan The Barbarian[...]