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Hammerwatch II
Modus Games, along with indie developer Crachshell, have released a new gameplay trailer for Hammerwatch II, along with the PC release date The team confirmed that PC players will get the first crack at the game when it drops on August 15th, 2023 They are also planning to release the game on all three major[...]
Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise Of The Dragons Announced
Modus Games and developer Secret Base revealed a new title from an old franchise as we're getting Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons Billy and Jimmy Lee return for another fight, along with some new heroes to help them out, as you'll try to tame the streets and stop the crime bosses that have[...]
Paleo Pines Announced For Consoles & PC This Fall
Modus Games, along with developer Italic Pig, revealed their latest game together as Paleo Pines will be coming later this year If the artwork hasn't already tipped you off, the game basically allows you to become a dino rancher You'll mix the oddity of having friendly dinosaurs around everywhere with the simulated work of farming[...]
Super Animal Royale Launches Season 7 With New Content
Modus Games launched a new update for Super Animal Royale this week, both bringing a bunch of content in and launching Season 7 This season focuses on health for some reason and wants you to stay healthy and fit, especially in your eating choices Which includes a brand-new Super Lemurs, Super Healthy Pass, and the[...]
Modus Games Announces Maximum Football With Full-Length Trailer
Modus Games revealed a brand new sports title on the way this month as they are currently working on Maximum Football using Unreal Engine 5 While it may not be an NFL-licensed title, the game is essentially going to be an alternative football video game for people who love the sport but may want something[...]
Teslagrad 2 Will Release A Free Demo During Steam Next Fest
Modus Games and Rain Games announced that Teslagrad 2 is going to have a free demo available in February as part of Steam Next Fest The team has been hard at work on the game, making sure that they stay true to the first game while bringing in a new feel to the game that[...]
Super Animal Royale Launces Lunar New Year Event
Modus Games and Pixile Studios have released a new update for Super Animal Royale as they celebrate the Lunar New Year The team are celebrating the Year of the "Super Bunny" with a new event running all the way until the end of the month The event comes with an update for the game that[...]
Them’s Fightin’ Herds Releases New Fighting Bull “Texas” DLC
Modus Games and Mane6 have released a new DLC and update for Them's Fightin' Herds as the game gets the new fighting bull character, Texas The game has been upgraded to Version 4.0 and has a few upgrades across the board that you'll enjoy that make it a better experience Meanwhile, the DLC character is[...]
Super Animal Royale Launched Season 6 This Month
Modus Games and Pixile Studios released a new update for Super Animal Royale this month as they officially kicked off Season 6 Aside from the obvious holiday content they added to the game to get you through early January, the team added a number of unlocks, music, island features, and more to get you rocking[...]
Afterimage Confirms April 2023 Release Date
Modus Games and indie developer Aurogon Shanghai revealed that Afterimage will be getting released on PC via Steam this April The game has been teased for a hot minute as you play a skilled warrior exploring a fantasy world of the same name, unlocking the secrets from this post-apocalyptic world of magic and danger Right[...]
God Of Rock
Modus Games released a new trailer for God Of Rock today, officially revealing the release date for Spring 2023 The trailer gives us a better idea of how the game's system will work with the rhythm mechanics as you will battle against other rock icons on the grandest stage of them all The devs give[...]
Teslagrad 2 Announced For Spring 2023 During Gamescomn 2022
Modus Games announced that Teslagrad 2 is on the way in Spring 2023 during the Future Games Show at Gamecom 2022 Developed by Rain Games, this will be a direct follow-up to the original 2013 title, created by the original team that worked on that first game There will be some changes as you're getting[...]
Modus Games and Reply Game Studios revealed that Soulstice is getting a playable demo, along with a new Gamescom trailer The demo, which is available on Steam as we speak, will give you a bit of the action and enough of the story to make you intrigued But you'll need to wait for the game[...]
God Of Rock
During the Future Games Show at Gamescom 2022, Modus Games revealed their next rhythm-based game God Of Rock, coming out this Winter The game will have you facing off against some of the most powerful musicians in the galaxy as you will blast away into the cosmos with some amazing runes in an attempt to[...]
Super Animal Royale's Super Summer Event Kicks Off Today
Modus Games and Pixile revealed all of their plans for the new Summer Royale event happening in Super Animal Royale right now Starting today and running through August 9th, you'll be able to unlock two new Super Breeds, and collect fruit baskets to gain new cosmetics, both brand-new and returning from previous summers You'll be[...]
Super Animal Royale Season 4 Launches On Facebook Gaming
Modus Games and Pixile Studios have officially launched Season 4 of Super Animal Royale as the game has not been released onto Facebook Gaming The team focused a lot more on promoting the game being on the new platform than anything else, but what we do know is that the latest season has a number[...]
Them’s Fightin’ Herds Is Headed To Consoles This Fall
Modus Games and developer Mane6 announced this past week that they'll finally be bringing Them's Fightin' Herds over to consoles this Fall The game has already been out on PC for a while now as you enter into a fighting game featuring all sorts of woodland creatures with an attitude While the game doesn't have[...]
Modus Games revealed this week they'll be releasing their upcoming action-adventure title Soulstice this fall onto PC, Xbox, and PlayStation Developed by Reply Game Studios, the game has officially gone up for pre-order as players can choose between a standard edition as well as a Deluxe Edition Those looking to get the latter will be[...]
Super Animal Royale Removes PlayStation Plus Requirements
Modus Games has made it a bit easier to play Super Animal Royale on PlayStation now as they have removed the PlayStation Plus requirement The Pixile Studios developed title has been getting some pretty rave reviews since it came out, both for being simplistic and fun and giving a little bit of life back to[...]
Cris Tales Adds New Free Update With Tons Of Content
Modus Games has released a brand new free update for their turn-based JRPG Cris Tales that adds a ton of content for the game Among the new features include a brand new expansion to the story which includes side quests and a new dungeon, as well as a brand new character to play as in[...]
Super Animal Royale Launches Brand New Summer Event
With the recent update to the title, Modus Games launched a new summer competition simply titled Super Summer Royale The event will run all the way to July 20th, as you'll have a chance to collect fruit baskets and obtain eight different summer-themed items in the game Once the event is over, those items are[...]
Cris Tales Receives New Cinematic Trailer Ahead Of Launch
Modus Games has released one more trailer for Cris Tales as we get one more look at the game before it will be released in July We've quietly been in love with this game ever since it was revealed last year, as it looks and feels like a lot of old-school RPG/JRPG titles that came[...]
Cris Tales Shows Off A Character Trailer Ahead Of July Release
Modus Games has revealed a new character trailer for Cris Tales as they show off more of the game before it comes out in July This particular set of characters are an array of the allies that the main protagonist Crisbell will encounter on her journey across different periods in time Crisbell, if you're not[...]
Ultraman’s Bemular Joins Override 2: Super Mech League
Modus Games revealed that they have now added Bemular from Ultraman to the roster of Override 2: Super Mech League Dipping into the classic catalog of characters from the iconic franchise, this particular look is based on the Netflix animated series as his alien origins give him access to deadly energy attacks that will leave[...]
Cris Tales Launch Has Now Been Pushed To July 2021
Modus Games revealed this morning that the release of Cris Tales has now officially been pushed back to July 2021 The game has received a lot of attention for its awesome art style and the gameplay that we've seen so far, but it seems the COVID-19 pandemic has hampered progress by the company to get[...]
Auto Draft
Modus Games revealed this week that they will be releasing a Collector's Edition of Cris Tales after the game officially comes out You can currently pre-order it through Maximum Games' website for all three major consoles and PC, depending on what you're looking for, being sold for $100 on all formats This is going to[...]
Modus Games Reveals Medieval Chaos Game Rustler
Modus Games and Games Operators, along with developer Jutsu Games, revealed that Rustler will be coming to Steam's Early Access The game was revealed back in December just before everyone went on holiday break, essentially promoting itself as the medieval time's version of Grand Theft Auto The game doesn't have a proper release date yet,[...]
Modus Games Reveals Medieval Chaos Game Rustler
Modus Games and Games Operators revealed their latest chaotic game on the way with the hilarious Rustler The game is set in medieval times but has very little to do with the era as you will be playing a young man whose job is to rustle up horses while also doing a slew of other[...]
The PC Gaming Show Threw In An Indie Showcase
Modus Games released a new video today for Cris Tales as we get a better look at the gameplay for their upcoming RPG We've been looking forward to this game since it was introduced to everyone over the summer, but sadly had to suffer through the news during the Fall that the game was being[...]
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Is Getting New Storyline DLC
Modus Games revealed today they are releasing new storyline DLC content later this month for Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince The new DLC addition will be called Melody of Mystery, and it will be adding an extra six levels to the game that will further expand on the story you already know in the game[...]