Crytek Is Teasing Something Involving Crysis After A Long Hiatus

Today everyone is losing their minds on social media because the Twitter account for Crysis has some new activity that told us nothing. Let's start at the beginning of all this where we last heard anything about the franchise, and that's with the release fo Crysis 3. The game was released in 2013, over seven years ago, bringing about a pretty successful ending chapter to a trilogy six years in the making. It also was one of the last great series for the previous generation of consoles as it was a decent hallmark title for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. When the next generation of consoles was on the way, most everyone assumed we'd be seeing a new Crytek title at some point in time. But then we heard nothing, and then some rumblings all the way until 2016, then a whole lot more of nothing. Crytek was still making games, the most recent being Hunt: Showdown, so it's not like they went away. But it definitely felt like the franchise was now sitting on a shelf, kind of the way fans think Ubisoft treats Splinter Cell these days.

Will we be getting a new Crysis game soon? Image courtesy of Crytek.
Will we be getting a new Crysis game soon? Image courtesy of Crytek.

That all seems to change today as fans noticed that the official Twitter feed for the series posted a brand new tweet. It wasn't anything special, really. It just says "RECEIVING DATA". Yes, just those two words. Which, of course, sent the internet into a tizzy as everyone started making assumptions as to what it could mean. Could we be getting a brand new game in the franchise? Could we be getting a proper sequel with Crysis 4? Are they headed down the remake path like so many other companies have been doing as they reboot the series with a remake of the original 2007 title? The reality is we don't know. Because, like a lot of teasers, the company gave us absolutely zero information to go on. It's a tweet to get everyone excited. We're not harshing on it at all, we're stoked to see something from them as well. But until they offer something up, we just don't know yet. What would you like it to be?

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