DayZ's Latest Update Adds More Content Include New Woman Character

Bohemia Interactive released new details today about the new 1.15 update for DayZ, which adds in a number of new items. Probably the biggest additions to the game are the fact they've added in a new woman character in the character selection menu, adding a bit of variety to the competition. There's also a brand new AUR A1/AX bullpup rifle that has been built to be light, maneuverable, and near spot-on with the aim. The gun comes in two variants: the A1 with its fixed scope and 30 round magazine, and the customizable AX edition which allows for a full variety of scopes while being compatible with standardized magazine sizes and even suppressors. They've also tossed in a brand new barbed wire baseball bat for those of you who are out of ammo and need to go melee when it counts. We have more info below from the team, but you can get the full patch notes here, and see a trailer for the update at the bottom.

Play as the new woman character in DayZ with this update. Courtesy of Bohemia Interactive.
Play as the new woman character in DayZ with this update. Courtesy of Bohemia Interactive.

There's nothing stringy about the addition of the new Hunter Vest, which offers only the best in both style and functionality. Zips, pockets, this thing has it all and it even looks fabulous! There's a brand new female character is available via character selection in the main menu. Watch out boys, she's new, she's here, she's looking for you, and that's probably not a good thing. There's a list of fixes/tweaks to good old quality of life in update 1.15. A major clipping issue has been resolved which affected all headgear and balaclavas. Head torches can now be assigned to the glasses inventory slot. Consumption and thresholds of water and energy have been tweaked. Audio feedback when switching a weapon's fire mode has been added.

In an effort to increase the DayZ immersive experience the previous red-colored vignette hit effect has been completely replaced by a more intuitive splash texture showing a variable effect to ascertain the direction and intensity of incoming damage. New additional tools will be made available to server owners for both the PC and Console versions, allowing them to make simple yet powerful changes to the multiplayer experience: Build anywhere, weather manipulation, object spawning, feature adjustment, all these and more will add untold variety.

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