Dead Age 2 Receives A New Video Looking At Its Evolution

Headup Games has started to release a new set of videos promoting the release of Dead Age 2, starting with a look at its evolution. The game has been in development with the team at Silent Dreams for three and a half years, and during that time they took a second look at the first game and chose ways to improve on it. This video, while short, explores how they went about doing that to keep the game at its roots while also expanding on what it was. You can check it out below as the game will be released on June 3rd, 2020 on PC via Steam.

Dead age 2 is on the way to PC in June, courtesy of Headup Games.
Dead age 2 is on the way to PC in June, courtesy of Headup Games.

The successful indie survival RPG Dead Age is back with a vengeance! Dead Age 2 features a unique combination of survival, management, roguelike events, fast-paced turn-based combat, classic role-playing game with tons of quests and a story in which your decisions directly affect plot progression.

  • More complex story with no knowledge of the previous storyline necessary: If you haven't played Dead Age you will still be able to follow the diverse story of Dead Age 2 without difficulty.
  •  Improved combat system (Final Fantasy X meets Darkest Dungeon): with fast-paced yet strategic battles and use of up to 24 skills.
  • Faction Reputation System: Increase your standing with the three major factions to reap rewards and improve trade.
  • 3D Base-Management: Assign tasks to survivors, craft items and expand you camp's capabilities for improved crafting options.
  • Compact Open World: Free exploration of the world map with 80 detailed locations to search for valuable resources.
  • Decisions with Consequences: Your decisions directly affect the story in a much more drastic way. Dead Age 2 has six unique possible endings.
  • Rogue-Like Elements: random 3D events with permadeath! If you die, you may purchase upgrades unlocked in previous runs for your next playthrough. Choose from 3 difficulty levels.

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