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First-Person Shooter Industria Will Release September 30th
Headup Games along with developer Bleakmill have confirmed that September 30th will be the official release date for Industria This first-person shooter takes you to an alternate 1989 in Berlin, Germany as The Wall is being torn down But in the middle of this time of celebration, you are searching for a missing work colleague[...]
Thunderful & Headup Games Highlight Five Titles At Gamescom 2021
Thunderful Publishing and Headup Games have dropped info on five games they're showing off as part of Gamescom 2021 All five are titles we've talked about in the past as we have the info from both companies down below, but it comes with the added bonus of having free demos for both White Shadows and Crowns & Pawns[...]
Headup Games Will Fully Release Cardaclysm This Week
Headup Games and Elder Games revealed this week that Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four is headed to consoles next month The game has already had a pretty decent run on PC with players getting into the RPG collectibe card game, but now players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch will be able[...]
Escape From Naraka Finally Receives A PC Release Date
Headup Games revealed this week that they have finally slapped a release date onto their upcoming dungeon platformer Escape From Naraka Developed by XeloGames, this is a fast-paced run through a series of temples with the skills of a parkour expert The dev team has said this first-person platformer is inspired by Balinese legends and[...]
Lost At Sea Receives PC & Next-Gen Console Release Date
Studio Fizbin and Headup Games revealed this week when we'll be seeing their new game, Lost At Sea, on both PC and next-gen consoles if you haven't seen this game yet, it focuses on a woman named Anna who, in the later stages of her life, has found herself alone In order for her to[...]
Outbuddies DX Is Headed To PS4 In Late-March
Headup Games revealed today that they will be releasing Outbuddies DX onto the PS4, as the game will drop on March 31st The pixelated 2D adventure is essentially a love letter to Metroid-type games, as it was developed by one man's passion (developer Julian Laufer) for the genre The game originally came out on PC[...]
Short Narrative Game The Fabled Woods Will Drop On March 25th
Headup Games and developer CyberPunch Studios will finally be releasing their short narrative game The Fabled Woods on March 25th We first learned about this game over the Summer in one of the many independent gaming streams that were happening to replace conventions, but the team has had some time to work on it since[...]
Headup Games Will Fully Release Cardaclysm This Week
Headup Games announced that they will finally be releasing the full version of Cardaclysm: Shards Of The Four later this week The game has been sitting in Steam's Early Access program since mid-2020 with only a few updates here and there depending on what needs fixing or adjusting based on player feedback and testing[...]
Headup Games Announces Scarlet Hood & The Wicked Wood
Headup Games and Devespresso Games revealed this week that Scarlet Hood & The Wicked Wood will be on Steam next month The game was revealed last month and showed off a little bit of what it had in store for players But now we know the game will be released into Steam's Early Access on[...]
Silver Chains Is Headed To Console On January 29th
Headup Games and Cracked Head Games revealed that Silver Chains will be coming to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch this month The game has been on Steam for over a year and a half and has gotten some pretty decent praise for being a first-person horror title with a few new twists to the concept[...]
Headup Games Announces Scarlet Hood & The Wicked Wood
Headup Games revealed their latest endeavor this morning with developer Devespresso Games as they announced Scarlet Hood & The Wicked Wood  This particular game is a story-driven adventure where you play as Scarlet, who must relive seven days of misfortune Along the way, you will have to make a series of decisions that will help[...]
Headup Games Reveals Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead
Headup Games released a new gameplay trailer this week for their upcoming crossover title Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead The company paired up with Canadian content creator Kenny "Drae" to show off the game and everything you can do in it, which we're guessing was done partially because there were no in-person conventions this year[...]
Headup Games Announces Film Noir Platformer White Shadows
Headup Games released an announcement trailer during Gamescom 2020 this week for their film noir platformer White Shadows The game has been made to be a cinematic narrative puzzle platformer where you are told many things about your current society trying to survive a plague Until one day, a young girl decides to venture out[...]
Headup Games Reveals Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead
During Gamescom 2020, Headup Games revealed their next project as they team with AMC for Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Developed by ClockStone, one of the weirdest concepts to come into contact with a zombie apocalypse will take place as you will have to build bridges to get the hell away from the undead chasing[...]
Headup Games Reveals Five New Titles During Guerrilla Collective
This weekend was a busy one for Headup Games as the company revealed five new games during the Guerrilla Collective Showcase The five games included Lost At Sea, Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four, Outbuddies DX, Rigid Force Redux, and Colt Canyon Technically we've written about those last three in the past, but the company had[...]