Dead By Daylight Launches Their Latest Tome Called "Forsaken"

Behaviour Interactive has unleashed the latest Tome VII into Dead By Daylight as players will be exploring four "Forsaken" characters. Players will be exploring a piece of crossover content with this Tome as William "Bill" Overbeck from Left Dead will be given a bit more backstory, as well as more in-depth knowledge and content for Kate Denson, The Plague, The Trapper, and Zarina. The update to the game also adds in a number of cool additions like colorblind modes and a chat filter. We got the full notes from the devs for you here as the content is officially live today.

Dead By Daylight Launches Their Latest Tome Called "Forsaken"
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

A New Dead By Daylight Tome: Forsaken

This Tome explores William "Bill" Overbeck's backstory and how he met the Left 4 Dead gang. Players will brave their way through new challenges to unlock an unprecedented glimpse into the weeks before he came to fight off the infected in Left 4 Dead. Players can get their hands on a slew of Left 4 Dead's themed charms featuring iconic elements from the movie for Survivors or Killers, all available for free. Players can also equip Bill with an exclusive outfit available in the Free Track and get the community outfit designed as part of the 2020 Community Contest inspired by creator Nohequin for Claudette. Other great exclusive outfits are available as part of the Premium Track for Kate DensonThe Plague, The Trapper, and Zarina.

New Blue Glyph Challenges 

Introduced as a new type of Challenge in the last Tome, and available in the Observer's Auris Web, Glyph Challenges enable players to spawn new interactable items within their matches. With the new Blue Glyph Challenges, Survivors must find and risk activating a Blue Glyph in a match, which gives them a random debuffSome challenges will force them to escape with this ailment, making the stakes even higher. Players would be remiss not to try these additional challenges, testing their skills and game prowess! 

A New Content Drop for The Realm Beyond

The graphical update continues as part of The Realm Beyond campaign with an overhaul of the Coldwin Farm Realm and new accessibility features being introduced.

Chat Filter 

No player who steps into The Fog should be subject to abuse. In an effort to curb toxic interactions, Dead by Daylight now includes a Chat Filter feature. It filters out and blurs racist, sexist, or overtly offensive comments that do not have a place within the game, or the community. 

Colorblind Modes 

Dead by Daylight relies heavily on the colour red to highlight and identify critical game elements like scratch marks, generators, hooks, and more. Combined with dark environments, this can make it extremely difficult for those affected by colorblindness to enjoy the game. To improve accessibility, players now have access to new Colorblind settings in the Graphics section of the Dead by Daylight menu. Using simple sliders, they can adjust the game to accommodate both the type and intensity of their colorblindness, fine-tuning the visuals to easily fit their specific needs. 

Photosensibility triggers elimininated 

Dead by Daylight is for everyone. Photosensitive players and those suffering from epilepsy will be relieved to know that some effects generated by The Doctor have been reworked to avoid heavy light flashes and other triggers. The Doctor's design has in itself been improved as well as other important animations.

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