Dead By Daylight Reveals Cross-Play & Cross-Friends Features

Behaviour Interactive announced this morning that they have now added cross-play and a few cross-friends features into Dead By Daylight. For the longest time, there has been a demand from the fans to incorporate cross-play as soon as the game was son multiple platforms, because PC players wanted a bigger playerbase to get in on the game. Especially how trying to get a game can be sometimes. Now that these two options have been added, players across PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One can all get in on a game together as well as have a friends list comprised of people across all four platforms. Here's a little more info from the devs.

Get ready to help your friends on Xbox, PS4, Switch, and PC. Courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.
Get ready to help your friends on Xbox, PS4, Switch, and PC. Courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

The ability to play with friends from any and all platforms was a feature widely requested by the community. Cross-Friends will also be made available with this release. Finally, players will now be able to create a friends list that is cross-platform and enjoy an unprecedented multiplayer experience in their favourite multiplayer horror game. The Dead by Daylight team worked hand in hand with the platform owners to make this happen. After four years, millions of players, and countless matches and jump scares, Dead by Daylight is jumping into the future to meet and exceed both the rising tides of industry standards and the wishes of its players. Dead By Daylight, which has always been a place where all of horror lives, is not just here to stay, it is evolving.

What this means for connections and gameplay, however, is yet to be seen. This is a totally new system that more than likely has a few bugs in it that need to be worked out and will creep up. So don't be surprised if the next few weeks have a hitch here or there. But for the most part, this is a major step to making the game bigger than it is. Now we'll see how long until mobile players are added to the action.

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