Dead Cells New Free Update "Break The Bank" Is Officially Live

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have released a new free update into Dead Cells as you're now taking on a heist job in Break The Bank. This one isn't as serious as previous updates or DLC, but it's still going to be a challenge as they challenge you to break into a new optional and deadly underground biome known as The Bank. The area is filled with a ton of loot, but also filled with a ton of enemies you've never run into before who are basically here to protect everything inside from robbers like you. The devs also confirmed that this is the start of more content coming to the game throughout 2022 in both free and paid DLC. You can read more about the challenge below as the update is ready to be download on both PC and consoles.

Promo art for Dead Cells: Break The Bank, courtesy of Motion Twin.
Promo art for Dead Cells: Break The Bank, courtesy of Motion Twin.

The Bank and its glorious treasures are unlocked after reaching The Hand of the King, and will begin to appear randomly in transition rooms. Three new enemy types await you in The Bank: The Agitated Pickpocket wants your gold, and has the claws to get it. The Gold Gorger seems easy enough early on, but it grows as it collects gold and once it reaches its final form – watch out! Lastly, the Gold Kamikaze is the same bat you know and love but this one drops wayyyyy more money.

To assist your financial endeavors in The Bank, there's three golden new weapons in this update: Gold Digger gives gold on hits and provides a critical hit if you're filthy rich. The deadly Dagger of Cupidity crits for three seconds after picking up gold, and lastly, the Money Shooter fires off gold but once you run out of gold you're out of bullets. Look your best as you savagely slash your way through The Bank with two new bank-related outfits, and treat yourself to three new mutations – go on, you've earned it. Midas' Blood gives you gold when you lose health, Gold Plating means you will lose gold, but not health, upon getting hit, and finally let's Get Rich Quick – stack bonus gold by killing enemies while you have a speed boost and cash in when it ends.

The Bank offers a few different versatile ways to complete your run, including taking out a loan at the start of the run but you'll need to pay it back at the end, so take care to make sure you don't finish with empty pockets – or else. Alongside the new content in The Bank, the update provides several new QoL enhancements including that items dropped after Boss fights now have +1 item level, so there are no more unsatisfying boss kills. Huzzah!

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