'Destiny 2' Will Not Offer Customization Of Imported Characters

Well, that's depressing. Destiny 2 didn't offer much in the form of guarantees, but one of the big items they did promise was that you could import your character from the first game into the sequel. Turns out Bungie was telling a half truth. Back on Wednesday, the developer published a page about transferring your character which came with an FAQ section. Something many people skipped over and didn't realize until they got into the beta was that whatever your character looks like from the first game will stay that way in Destiny 2.

'Destiny 2' Will Not Offer Customization Of Imported Characters

As per the FAQ section.:

Will players be able to edit their migrated Character's customization options in Destiny 2?

No. There is currently no plan to allow players to edit the customization options of an imported Character.

The one bit of good news to take form this is that if you like your character just the way they are, you probably won't have any issues with this. However, if you wanted to utilize the character customization options that have apparently been greatly expanded on, you don't get the option. The only way to build your character using new traits is to start from scratch. That's a huge letdown and essentially only giving people half of what they wanted from the option to begin with.

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