Destructive Creations Reveals Their Next Game War Mongrels

Destructive Creations revealed they have a new game on the way that they are both developing and publishing called War Mongrels. The studio is most famous for creating one of the worst games of 2015 with Hatred, but bounced back earlier this year with their thriller title Daymare 1998. The company has become known for having a very specific art style to its titles as a lot of its content looks like it was created on a black canvas. That style continues in this game as the devs released a teaser trailer for it below, as this new upcoming project will be released at some point for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

A look at the logo for War Mongrels, courtesy of Destructive Creations.
A look at the logo for War Mongrels, courtesy of Destructive Creations.

According to the brief amount of info released about the trailer, the game is inspired by actual events during World War II as it aims to show a side of the conflict that isn't often addressed in a lot of history. Which is the Eastern Front. Unless you're in college studying the intricacies of Russian history and the way Eastern Europe came to be, most of your average WWII education focuses on what the Germans did, then what the British did, then what the Americans and Japanese did before the endgame in Japan and Germany. But Russia played a big part in not only holding the Germans back but using some pretty inventive and ruthless tactics to get the job done. So to see a game in this style focus on what took place on the other side of Europe is something we're looking forward to seeing. But again, it's the studio that made Hatred, so we'll see just how creative they get in showing that off. For now, enjoy the teaser trailer.

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