Devolver Digital Releases The Arcane Glamour Update For Blightbound

Devolver Digital released the biggest patch of content for Blightbound so far with the release of the Arcane Glamour update. On what is essentially the 0.5 patch for the game, this update brings with it a wealth of additions and improvements. There's also, what the devs have described, a "tangible air of prestige" to the character ranks and new despicable randomized foes that will make the journey harder, along with some significant gameplay additions. You can read about the full notes here, and check out the trailer for it below.

Blightbound has received the biggest update to the game yet. Courtesy of Devolver Digital.
Blightbound has received the biggest update to the game yet. Courtesy of Devolver Digital.

The biggest update yet is all geared up and out now for all to delve into! And there's actually lots of new dungeon delving to do. Not only have we added another dungeon, but all dungeons now have their encounters randomized! On the technical side big steps have been taken as well. New optimisations have led to a performance increase of up to 50%! Another technical improvement comes in the form of host migration, finally allowing you to continue even when the host loses connection.

Another focus has been the overhauling and cleaning of the menus. The biggest change here is the addition of a hero select screen, which makes selecting heroes a lot more straightforward. Of course, these new elements also meant that we had to change the initial tutorial flow, and we decided to not just fix but also improve it a lot. This is an ongoing effort that will result in even more quality-of-life changes in the upcoming updates.

Finally, while cleaning up Blightbound we've also decided to remove the Blight and Notoriety systems. While both served a thematic and gameplay purpose, their functionality wasn't optimal. In case of Blight, the stats effect was odd, and the intended incentive to play other heroes was undermined by Blight potions. As for Notoriety, it unfortunately punished players who wanted to play more when party members left. This removal also gives us a clean break and allows us to put more focus on the core systems.

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