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Diablo IV Goes Into Details About The Game's Accessability

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed new details on the accessibility options you'll encounter when playing Diablo IV this June.

Blizzard Entertainment has released new details this week about the accessibility options you'll have going into Diablo IV when it comes out next month. The team posted a brand-new blog in which they discuss all of the items you'll have available to you no matter what your customization preferences are or to aid a disability when you need help playing the game. We have info below about the way button mapping will work in the game, as well as the latest gameplay trailer.

Diablo IV Server Slam Weekend Has Officially Launched
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo IV Button Remapping

Customization runs deep in Diablo IV, and controls are no exception. All of your inputs, whether a keyboard and mouse or controller is being used, can be remapped to complement your preferences and capabilities. We want wanderers to feel comfortable and confident as they dispatch Hell's minions.

Skill Toggle and Action Wheel Activation

By enabling this feature, you can transform the need to hold a button to cast a Skill into a toggle. The same can be applied to choices on the Action Wheel as well. Certain Skills (such as the Barbarian's Whirlwind) require by default that the player press and hold a button. Skills of these types continue until their associated resource cost runs out or the button to cast them is released. We acknowledge that some players might have fatigue concerns, and the requirement to hold the button might hamper their ability to enjoy the destruction they're causing.

Swap Left and Right Sticks

Enabling this feature allows the default inputs for your analog sticks to be remapped to one side of the controller, allowing the player to control their most vital button and analog stick inputs with only one hand.

Persist Target Lock

Demons seldom travel on their lonesome, often roaming Sanctuary in threatening packs. Among the chaos of a skirmish, it can be difficult to hit your intended target with an attack. Enabling Persist Target Lock will ensure your Skills and weapons stay focused on an enemy instead of whiffing.

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