Did Ubisoft Fire an Employee Over PewDiePie Comments?

UPDATE: Dianna Lora posted this update to her Twitter account today, clarifying the situation and confirming she was not fired. Confirming that the reports of her dismissal appear to be a hoax. We're currently trying to reach Ubisoft for an official comment.


The scuttlebutt on Twitter this past weekend is that Ubisoft may have fired one of its employees for openly criticizing PewDiePie. According to a couple of different sources who were tracking the situation, specifically SegmentNext, it was speculated that Ubisoft employee Dianna Lora was let go from the company after posting the now-deleted tweet below, in which she openly went after the YouTube content creator after he linked another small YouTube channel that contained anti-Semitic content. As you can see, however, her comment doesn't so much comes off as criticism, as it sounds like more of a plea for higher-ups in the industry to cut ties to him and end his channel. Others, however, viewed it as a veiled threat of violence. You be the judge.

The claims online say Lora was released from the company shortly after this comment was made, and her Twitter account was set to private, leading many to connect the dots and form theories on the situation. Subsequently, an update came out earlier this morning from SegmentNext, with someone claiming to be a "Ubisoft insider / Embarrassed Employee" who claims Lora was a "leftist" hired by the company who was a "loudmouth". However, since the employee is never identified, and it seems their commentary is more politically charged than an actual evaluation of her job performance, we're calling BS on it and not taking it seriously.

While the commentary does feel a bit much, there's really nothing in here a gaming company would fire an employee over. Hundreds of employees in the industry voice their opinion on content creators, streamers, media, and other influences all the time with no repercussions. Is what she said over the top? Yeah, kinda. But it's not a direct threat according to Twitter's TOS. Unless her contract specifically has a clause in it about representation on social media (which if it does, a ton of Ubisoft employees might wanna go delete their history), we're guessing there's more to this behind the scenes that we don't know about. For now, until we hear otherwise, we even doubt she was fired.

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