Director Krennic Set to Reinforce Empire Players for Star Wars: Legion

Director Orson Krennic, diabolical weapon designer and would-be despot, is heading to Star Wars: Legion tables… and he's bringing reinforcements with a squad of sinister Death Troopers!

Coming soon from Fantasy Flight Games, Director Krennic will be available for Empire players as a new command option for their armies:

The Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion includes one finely detailed, easily assembled Director Orson Krennic miniature ready to march his troops into battle along with three new command cards that allow him to issue specific orders in the thick of battle. Finally, three upgrade cards give you even more power to customize your commanders and their equipment.

The sculpt on the new Director Krennic figure is one of my favorite from the Legion line, perfectly capturing Orson's calculating and sinister nature.

Director Krennic can field a detachment of Death Troopers, a very welcome addition to the Empire roster. Seriously, though, what's the deal with these guys? Are they reanimated troopers? Why do they sound like that? Regardless, they look cool, and that might be all that matters.

Death trooper candidates are hand-selected from the Stormtrooper Corps by Imperial Intelligence itself and, as such, these elite troops display skills beyond those seen in other Imperial troops. Unfazed by enemy fire, death troopers wade into battle, firing with unmatched precision. They display so much discipline, in fact, that they can remove a suppression token when they are issued an order, keeping them pressing the attack no matter how much adversity they face.

The Imperial Death Troopers unit expansion includes six new troopers, which will require painting and assembly. You will also get unit cards and tokens for the new figures.

I am really curious to see how Star Wars: Legion plays now that it's maturing as a game; with more unit and command options available, those battles in a galaxy far, far away are about to get a lot more intense!

You can pre-order the Director Orson Krennic and Imperial Death Troopers boxed sets at your local game store now!

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