Is Dragon Age 4 Now Officially 'A Thing'? Bioware Wants You To Think It Isn't, But It Definitely Is


Despite creative director Mike Laidlaw claiming back at the end of March that Dragon Age 4 was "not a thing," Bioware writer Alexis Kennedy has come to claim otherwise. While we've had our suspicions given that leaked concept art, there was nothing at the time to contradict Laidlaw's claim that the game wasn't in development.

But now we have a statement coming from one of the game's writers saying pretty much the exact opposite. In an interview with Eurogamer, Kennedy spoke about his work on some other projects like Stellaris and Sunless Sea, before transitioning on to his work with Bioware.

"There are huge differences between all of that and what I'm working on at BioWare," Kennedy told Eurogamer with a pause, adding "which I can now legitimately say is in the Dragon Age franchise although it has been known for a while.

"Notionally it was a secret but, because of who I was working with, everyone who cared knew. And then the day I started, Mark Darrah [executive producer of the Dragon Age franchise] tweeted saying, 'Welcome to the Dragon Age franchise,' so I thought, well, I guess that's official now then."

Granted, Kennedy then went on to tweet a "clarification" once the interview hit the airwaves, with a "very important clarification" saying that his Dragon Age project might just be a late DLC or a "dragon breeding program."

Which is a pretty lame way to say that his bosses over at EA and Bioware were unhappy with his wording in the interview.

That said, we may as well go ahead and call Dragon Age 4 – or whatever they decide to call it – officially a thing.

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