Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Battle Evolution Booster Checklist

Since I've begun collecting Dragon Ball Super Card Game cards, I haven't been able to find a simple checklist for each set… so I figured Bleeding Cool would be the exact right place to host one now that we're covering this exciting hobby. Here is the complete checklist for Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Battle Evolution Booster.

Battle Evolution Booster logo. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Battle Evolution Booster logo. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Battle Evolution Booster is the first-ever Evolution Booster and is designated the code EB1. It includes cards numbered up to EB1-68. It also includes straight reprints, which we won't include here, as well as reprints of Super Rares with Alternate Arts, which we will include. Keep in mind that SPRs (Special Rares) will have the same numbering as Super Rare cards in Dragon Ball Super Card Game but feature different, rarer artwork.

  • Nappa // Nappa & Saibaimen, the First Invaders Common EB1-01
  • Yamcha, Wolf Fang Pitching Fistball Uncommon EB1-02
  • Launch, Inspiring Support Common EB1-03
  • Vegeta, the Executioner Common EB1-04
  • Nappa, Testing the Opposition Rare EB1-05
  • Saibaiman, Infinite Assault Common EB1-06
  • Vegeta, Royal Evolution Super Rare EB1-07
  • Golden Frieza, the Perished Common EB1-08
  • Vegeta the 3rd, Lineage's Beginning Rare EB1-09
  • Unexpected Casualties Common EB1-10
  • Testing the Opposition Common EB1-11
  • Android 16 // Android 16, Bottomless Inferno Common EB1-12
  • Super Android 13, Neverending Bloodlust Uncommon EB1-13
  • Tora, Keeper of the Red Armband Common EB1-14
  • Majin Buu, Revitalizing Absorption Super Rare EB1-15
  • Majin Buu, Tide-Turning Absorption Uncommon EB1-16
  • Bergamo, Unstoppable Colossus Rare EB1-17
  • Gine, Heroic Support Super Rare EB1-18
  • Android 17, Restrained Support Common EB1-19
  • Android 18, Let the Battle Begin Uncommon EB1-20
  • Android 16, For His Mother Common EB1-21
  • Chilled's Army Reinforcements Common EB1-22
  • Assault of the Great Apes Common EB1-23
  • Tien Shinhan // Tien Shinhan, Mysterious Technique Common EB1-24
  • Launch, the Wild One Uncommon EB1-25
  • Son Goku, the Long-Awaited Rematch Rare EB1-26
  • Tien Shinhan, the Long-Awaited Rematch Rare EB1-27
  • Chiaotzu, Unwanted Reunion Common EB1-28
  • Mercenary Tao, Overflowing Confidence Common EB1-29
  • Broly, the Swift Berserker Uncommon EB1-30
  • Broly, the Tamed Beast Common EB1-31
  • Ribrianne, the Power of Support Uncommon EB1-32
  • Ribrianne, Pretty Cannon Unleashed Uncommon EB1-33
  • Kakunsa, Feral Fury Super Rare EB1-34
  • Rozie, Blast Manipulator Super Rare EB1-35
  • Goku's Solar Flare Common EB1-36
  • Homicidal Clones Common EB1-37
  • Android 13, Android 14, & Android 15 // Android 13, the Unstoppable Common EB1-38
  • Super 17, Energy Absorber Uncommon EB1-39
  • Android 14, the Mission Begins Common EB1-40
  • Android 15, the Mission Begins Common EB1-41
  • Mecha Frieza, Full Assault Common EB1-42
  • SS3 Son Goku, Even Further Beyond Super Rare EB1-43
  • Kaio-Ken Son Goku, a Heavy Toll Uncommon EB1-44
  • Pan, the Courageous Youth Super Rare EB1-45
  • Death Blaster Rare EB1-46
  • Your Worst Nightmare Uncommon EB1-47
  • Frieza Army Reinforcements Common EB1-48
  • Bulma // Bulma, Life of a Heroine Common EB1-49
  • Bulma, Inspiring Support Common EB1-50
  • Son Goku, the Path to Power Super Rare EB1-51
  • Android 8, Helping a Friend Common EB1-52
  • Katopesla, Modular Mastery Common EB1-53
  • Towa, the Next Move Common EB1-54
  • Playtime's Over! Rare EB1-55
  • King Vegeta, the Insubordinate Rare EB1-56
  • Vegeta, Unyielding Pride Uncommon EB1-57
  • Nappa, Break Cannon Unleashed Rare EB1-58
  • SS Bardock, Neverending Vengeance Uncommon EB1-59
  • Trio De Dangers, Fierce Trinity Super Rare EB1-60
  • Sorrel & Hop, Fiends of Universe 9 Common EB1-61
  • Android 17 & Android 18, Siblings Revived Super Rare EB1-62
  • Android 16, Steadfast Ally Rare EB1-63
  • Android 16, Steadfast Comeback Super Rare EB1-64
  • Super Android 13, Cores of the Trio Rare EB1-65
  • Android 13, the Mission Begins Super Rare EB1-66
  • Android 14 & Android 15, Target Acquired Rare EB1-67
  • Heroines' Lineage Secret Rare EB1-68

Reprinted Super Rares from other sets of Dragon Ball Super appear in these packs with alternate artwork. They include:

  • SS Vegeta, Exploiting Weakness Reprint Super Rare DB1-002
  • Obuni, Afterimage Slash Reprint Super Rare DB2-046
  • Ribrianne, Punishing Passion Reprint Super Rare DB2-089
  • Basil, Fatal Rampage Reprint Super Rare DB2-111

Packs of Dragon Ball Super: Battle Evolution Booster also include reprinted cards from other sets without any changes to artwork. These are not considered part of the numbered set, but rather part of their own, original set, so will not be included in this checklist.

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