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Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Collect The Secret Rares Part 1

Dragon Ball Super Card Game has some of the most coveted and difficult-to-pull Secret Rares of any trading card game. Because of the rarity and the limited number of Secret Rares per set, these cards are generally quite valuable upon release and will often retain that value. Many cards have even seen their value dramatically increase as sets go out of print and the prices of sealed product skyrockets. In this new Dragon Ball Super Card Game series, I will spotlight the Secret Rares of this exciting hobby from a collector's perspective.

Secret Rare cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Gam
Secret Rare cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Ultimate Force SSB Vegito

The first Dragon Ball Super Card Game main expansion, Galactic Battle, didn't have any Secret Rares and instead had Special Rares as the highest form of rarity. The second set, Union Force, introduced Secret Rares (SCR cards) with this stunning Super Saiyan Blue Vegito card that goes hard on the gold foil. Later SCRs would ease up a bit, but there's something uniquely stunning about this glowing golden fused Saiyan.

  • Set: Union Force
  • Code: BT2-123
  • Current market value: $279.07

Hyper Evolution Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku

This early Secret Rare features Dragon Ball GT's Super Saiyan 4 form, which may no longer be canon but sure looks awesome on this golden and red card. One of the cool parts about this card game is how it brings in artwork and characters from all variations of Dragon Ball, including GT and the Heroes games. This is a terrific Secret Rare that is still obtainable around the same price as modern Secret Rares.

  • Set: Cross Worlds
  • Code: BT3-123
  • Current market value: $181.31

Son Goku, the Awakened Power

This card is about as close to an equivalent of Pokémon TCG's Base Set Charizard that the Dragon Ball Super Card Game gets. It has skyrocketed in value because of quite a few reasons. The first of which, it's just an incredible card. It's a simple illustration of Goku in his current ultimate form: Ultra Instinct. The gold foiling is simple, lining his blast so that most of the artwork is made up of silver foil and blue holographic surface, which accentuates this stunning form. On top of that, Tournament of Power as a set is stunningly difficult to come back. The quality of the card, the difficulty of pulling it, and the rarity of the product comes together in a perfect storm of value here that is great for those who have it, but a bit unfortunate for those who were unable to pull this back when packs were affordable. Even the Special Rares in this set are worth hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, so just get ready for this market price.

  • Set: Tournament of Power
  • Code: TB1-97
  • Current market value: $2,308.39

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