Dragon Ball Super CG Releases Pride Of The Saiyans Questionnaire

Dragon Ball Super Card Game has taken to their official Facebook place to communicate with their fans. They have released a new questionnaire that addresses both players of the card game as well as collectors. The questionnaire focuses on the two new decks released in conjunction with the latest set, Cross Spirits. The decks, Pride of the Saiyans and the Darkness Reborn reboot deck, focus on the newly introduced BOOST mechanic. Bandai's questions of these decks are interesting, as it shows that the company is eager for fan feedback as they construct future sets.

Cross Spirits decks. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
Cross Spirits decks. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Questions included in this latest Dragon Ball Super Card Game questionnaire include:

What cards or characters do you want to see in upcoming DBSCG products? What sort of DBSCG products would you be interested in besides Boosters, Decks, Draft Boxes? Please let us know the most recent status of how COVID-19 has affected your local game scene. What was your favorite part of -Pride of the Saiyans-/-Darkness Reborn-?

And more.

Personally, I think that the decks are interesting products that can be enriched in one, simple way. Include a pack! Including too many packs will drive the price up too much and essentially turn it into one of the Special Packs with four boosters within, but just one single pack would turn this from an item made for players that only completionist collectors will also buy to something that is friendly to both players and their growing base of collectors.

Other upcoming Dragon Ball Super Card Game products include:

  • DBS Card Game 2021 Anniversary Set (September 3, 2021)
  • DBS Card Game Unison Warrior Series: Rise of the Unison Warrior Reprint (October 2021)
  • DBS Card Game Unison Warrior Series: Vermillion Bloodline Reprint (October 2021)
  • DBS Card Game Unison Warrior Series: Set 06 – Title TBA (November 2021)
  • DBS Card Game: Mythic Booster 01 (November 2021)
  • DBS Card Game: Gift Collection 01 (November 2021)
  • DBS Card Game Unison Warrior Series: Set 07 – Title TBA (February 2021)

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