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This New Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Card Is Selling For More Than $1,500

Earlier this month, Dragon Ball Super Card Game released its latest set, Realm of the GodsRealm of the Gods focused on the deities of Akira Toriyama's universe including Angels, Destroyers, Kais, and the God Forms of the Saiyans. Like most Dragon Ball Super Card Game sets, Realm of the Gods featured the predictable spread of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, SR (Super Rare), SPR (Special Rare), and SCR (Secret Rare). These rarities have been in place for many sets now, and pull rates are generally the same. Each booster box of 24 packs includes a guarantee of two SPRs and five SRs. Each case which contains 12 booster boxes contains two SCRs which are seeded at random into two boxes. Realm of the Gods made history by introducing a new rarity even higher than SCR: GDR which stands for God Rare. So far, the community has yet to nail a real rate of God Rares due to the immense difficulty of pulling one, but the current theory is that the rarity is even greater than one per three cases of booster boxes. The God Rare is an alternate art version of the set's SSB Vegeta, Unbridled Power which showcases the iconic moment in Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power where Vegeta uses his controlled Final Explosion. Due to the extreme rarity of this card, the value has been noted to be around $1,500 of this writing, which is far and away the highest release month value of a Dragon Ball Super Card Game release, ever.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta God Rare. Credit: Bandai
Dragon Ball Super Vegeta God Rare. Credit: Bandai

Recent sales of this card include:

  • TCGPlayer on March 14th, 2022 for $1,200
  • TCGPlayer on March 15th, 2022 for $1450
  • TCGPlayer on March 14th, 2022 for $1,200
  • EBay on March 15, 2022 for $1,500
  • Two at once on TCGPlayer on March 16th, 2022 for $1,600 each

Other EBay listing have the card currently being bid on for $1,225; $1,250; $1,550; and a high of $1,700. Other listings which have no bids are as high as $5,000. There have been private and untrackable sales on Facebook as well.

While I love a good chase, I personally find this to be a bad idea for Dragon Ball Super Card Game. Speculator market driven by interest in a card makes sense, but when a card is basically unobtainable, one must wonder what the intention is beyond gatekeeping.

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