Dungeons & Dragons Surprises Fans with Second Adventure Announcement

During the Dungeons & Dragons Stream of Many Eyes happening on Twitch this weekend, we got a full introduction to the game's next campaign, Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. But, the minds at D&D were not finished there as they posted a surprise announcement on Twitter last night. The company announced a second adventure book called Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, which will be released on November 13th, 2018.

The announcement caught many off-guard as the previous announcement has their next adventure coming out in September, but also explains why we got two rulebooks back-to-back. Below is the full description of the Dungeons & Dragons adventure coming late this year.

credit//Wizards of the Coast

In the city of Waterdeep rests a tavern called the Yawning Portal, named after the gaping pit in its common room. At the bottom of this crumbling shaft is a labyrinthine dungeon shunned by all but the most daring adventurers. Known as Undermountain, this dungeon is the domain of the mad wizard Halaster Blackcloak. Long has the Mad Mage dwelt in these forlorn depths, seeding his lair with monsters, traps, and mysteries—to what end is a constant source of speculation and concern.

This adventure picks up where Waterdeep: Dragon Heist leaves off, taking characters of 5th level or higher all the way to 20th level should they explore the entirety of Halaster's home. Twenty-three levels of Undermountain are detailed herein, along with the subterranean refuge of Skullport. Treasures and secrets abound, but tread with care!

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