Dying Light 2 Delves Into Parkour & Combat During Gamescom 2021

During Gamescom 2021, Techland launched their own special livestream event today, showing off more of the combat coming to Dying Light 2. The team put together another livestream in their post-zombie world settings where members of the team are basically interviewing each other about different aspects of the game. this time around they get more into the action of what's to come, as the first part focuses on the parkour actions and how you'll be able to move about the city without needing a car.

Some of the spots you can get into are wild, but there's also a lot of risks running around on rooftops and breaking into areas where there may be undead waiting for you. They also delve into the mechanics of combat as you'll explore new ways to fight people and deal with unsavory characters with everything from bare knuckles to crafted weapons. Enjoy the videos below along with new info on their cosplay contest.

Dying Light 2 Delves Into Parkour & Combat During Gamescom 2021
Credit: Techland

Hosted by Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektała, this episode revealed a variety of details about parkour and combat and showcased a gameplay trailer. The episode can be viewed in its entirety here. The third episode shed light on traversing the city, which, thanks to the complex parkour mechanics and realistic motion capture animations, is satisfying and gives a great feeling of dynamism. Combat is also an essential part of Dying Light 2 Stay Human, and players were provided insight into weapons and their inspirations, as well as the creative combat system which allows players to integrate parkour moves with the fighting, making it more fun, complex, and immersive.

Moreover, Techland presented the grand jury that will be choosing the best cosplays of Dying Light 2 characters in the UGC competition: Irina Meier, Lightning Cosplay, Narga & Aoki and Enji Night. Contest details, including conditions and other categories, can be found here.

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