E3: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Is A Final Fantasy You Can Play On Your Phone

Madeline Ricchiuto writes from E3,

Brave Exvius is Square Enix's latest Final Fantasy mobile game. Unlike many of their previous mobile titles, Brave Exvius is new story told in the usual Final Fantasy tradition of three protagonists fighting their enemies over crystals. The gameplay of Brave Exvius is designed to evoke memories of previous FF titles, particularly of the 2D variety. Much of Brave Exvius is spent traveling a 2D map and fighting in a turn-based style, however certain abilities and summons will trigger a break from the 2D world into some stunning 3D animations.

If you walk away from Brave Exvius with anything in mind, it should be that sense of nostalgia. I was able to sit down with producer Hiroki Fujimoto and translator Maiko Okada to discuss Brave Exvius and that sense of old-world JRPGs was indeed "the main focus of the game" and something the development team direly wanted to get across to players.

According to Fujimoto, that break between 2D and 3D animation is Brave Exvius's trademark. That is where they remind players that this isn't an old title, it's not a JRPG from 20 years ago, but is in fact a modern game. In keeping with that more modern sensibility are the continuing updates for the game, Fujimoto "has no plans not to continue adding to the game" and in fact Brave Exvius has already received seasonal updates for the Japanese version of the game which is currently live. The international release, including European and North American versions of the game, will similarly have seasonal events and ongoing updates, including a PVP mode though that may not be available at launch.

Brave Exvius Screenshot

When I asked Fujimoto about his favorite aspect of the game, he commented that the proprietary 2D to 3D transition was indeed his favorite part of the game itself, but that he really enjoyed "working with many famous artists and composers from other Final Fantasy titles." I cannot say I blame him at all.

Brave Exvius does include microtransactions, though it is Free To Play. You can't buy characters or content, but you can buy crystals which make things a bit easier. You can earn those crystals yourself by completing quests, but money favors the lazy. It will be interesting to see how Square Enix handles the FTP model, since they have mostly stayed away from that in the past.

Pre-registration is available for the international release of the game, which should hit sometime this summer.


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