EA Sports Reveals Superstar X-Factor Abilities For NHL 22

EA Sports revealed a little more info on the mechanics of NHL 22 today as they dropped some extra info on Superstar X-Factor abilities. if you're not familiar with this, it is an all-new ability system that unlocks the unique skills of the league's best players. So if you're a hotshot Winger, you'll have some powerful shots. Or if you're a masterful Goalie, you'll basically be a wall. The system is designed to give signature traits of the current roster of hockey stars within the game, designed to bring a new layer of class-based competition and strategy. At least, that's the plan, as we have yet to see how this system will play in the game and they released no trailer showing it off. You can read more about it here as we have a few notes from the team below.

EA Sports Reveals Superstar X-Factor Abilities For NHL 22
Credit: EA Sports

NHL 22 features two tiers of Superstar X-Factor abilities: game-changing Zone abilities and enhanced Superstar abilities. Each player receives one Zone ability that defines them and a secondary set of Superstar abilities. The actual function of any Superstar X-Factor ability always remains the same, but its level of boost changes between Zone or Superstar assignments. From the Shock and Awe shooting of Auston Matthews to the One Tee one-timer skills of Alexander Ovechkin, Superstar X-Factors are a game-changer system to help make NHL 22 the most realistic hockey gaming experience when it launches on the current generation of consoles on October 15.

Superstar X-Factors are inspired by the league's top talent, bringing their exceptional abilities to the NHL 22 experience. Whether it's a blistering slapshot, precision passing, explosive speed on the rush, or lightning-fast reflexes in front of the net, Superstar X-Factor abilities span all positions on the ice and provide a new layer of class-based competition and strategy to the world's biggest hockey gaming experience.

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