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NHL 22
EA Sports has released their annual Team Of The Year list for their NHL title, as we get a look at who got top honors in NHL 22 Every year they select six winners, one for each position, and honor them by sending each player a special gift You can also join in on the[...]
NHL 22 Adds Women's Hockey Teams For The First Time
EA Sports revealed today that they will be adding new content to NHL 22 as women's hockey comes to the series for the first time The IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) content is now available in-game as part of the latest patch update, as the company has added that and the World Juniors to the[...]
NHL 22  Launches Sherwood x STAPLE Streetwear Gear Collab
EA Sports has launched a new collaboration in NHL 22 as players can now snag some special streetwear from Sherwood x STAPLE in the game The company's founder and creative director of Staple Pigeon is teaming up with Sherwood Hockey to create their first-ever full hockey and streetwear collaboration in the real world, but the[...]
EA Sports has a new video up today for NHL 22 as they got several pro-hockey players to check out their player ratings ahead of time Historoically, giving players their ratings ahead of time has never gone over well, no matter what sport we're talking about Because everyone likes to think they're the best.So the[...]
EA Sports released more info about NHL 22 this week as we got more info on the new modes as well as roster sharing and other additions Before the game officially launches on October 15th, the team dropped a bunch of new information, including the new video you can check out at the bottom that[...]
EA Sports Reveals Details For NHL 22
EA Sports has released two new videos today showing off extended looks at the gameplay and more coming to NHL 22 We have both videos for you to check out down at the bottom, the first one being about 25 minutes as it features questions from the Chel community being answered by gameplay producers Ben[...]
EA Sports Reveals Superstar X-Factor Abilities For NHL 22
EA Sports revealed a little more info on the mechanics of NHL 22 today as they dropped some extra info on Superstar X-Factor abilities if you're not familiar with this, it is an all-new ability system that unlocks the unique skills of the league's best players So if you're a hotshot Winger, you'll have some[...]
EA Sports Reveals Details For NHL 22
EA Sports has released a new trailer today for NHL 22 as we get a far better look at the gameplay and changes to this edition of the series This particular trailer gives us a better look at the changes coming with the brand new Frostbite engine, which is aiming to give the game a[...]
EA Sports announced that NHL 22 is on the way this fall, and went over some of the improvements coming to the game this time around First off, the cover athlete this time around will be Toronto Maple Leafs' superstar center Auston Matthews Next, the game has swapped over to a brand new Frostbite engine[...]
Controversial Tony DeAngelo Placed on Waivers by New York Rangers
 While often being a scoring highlight on the Rangers' blueline during that time, DeAngelo has been equally known for his off-ice behavior, notably in the form of his near-every day inflammatory tweets in support of former President Donald Trump and against anyone who disagreed with or questioned his extreme right-wing beliefs. Credit: Screencap, NHL After the Rangers'[...]
EA Sports Reveals Their Official NHL 21 Team Of The Year
Its' been a rough year for sports, but that hasn't stopped EA Sports from honoring the best in hockey with the NHL 21 Team Of The Year The company revealed the complete team today, which was headlined by two members of the Stanley Cup-winning Tampa Bay Lightning, and four others from various teams Each player[...]
EA Sports Signs New Multi-Year Deals With UFC & The NHL
EA Sports announced two deals at the same time today as they have resigned with both UFC and the NHL for future games The finer details as to how long and how much they're worth were not revealed at this time, but after having two successful games with both sports leagues, it only makes sense[...]
NHL 21 Shows Off New Modes As The Game Launches
EA Sports revealed more details on a couple of the new modes in NHL 21 today as the game officially launches The devs talked a little more about the new Hut Rush mode as well as the improvements made to Be A pro and how you'll be able to have a greater experience going from[...]
EA Sports Is Bringing The Classic NHL 94 Back With NHL 21
EA Sports are about to make a lot of hockey fans really happy as they are bringing back NHL 94 with their latest game NHL 21 Considered to be one of the all-time classic hockey video games, NHL 94 was a breakout hit sports title for Electronic Arts at that time The SEGA Genesis version[...]
NHL 21 Shows Off Improvements Made To Be A Pro Mode
EA Sports released new info and a trailer today showing off improvements made to the Be A Pro mode in NHL 21 Previously the mode had you go through what felt like the typical rise to stardom for a player in the game's version of the NHL This time around there's a few changes to[...]