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Controversial Tony DeAngelo Placed on Waivers by New York Rangers
 While often being a scoring highlight on the Rangers' blueline during that time, DeAngelo has been equally known for his off-ice behavior, notably in the form of his near-every day inflammatory tweets in support of former President Donald Trump and against anyone who disagreed with or questioned his extreme right-wing beliefs. Credit: Screencap, NHL After the Rangers'[...]
EA Sports Reveals Their Official NHL 21 Team Of The Year
Its' been a rough year for sports, but that hasn't stopped EA Sports from honoring the best in hockey with the NHL 21 Team Of The Year The company revealed the complete team today, which was headlined by two members of the Stanley Cup-winning Tampa Bay Lightning, and four others from various teams Each player[...]
EA Sports Signs New Multi-Year Deals With UFC & The NHL
EA Sports announced two deals at the same time today as they have resigned with both UFC and the NHL for future games The finer details as to how long and how much they're worth were not revealed at this time, but after having two successful games with both sports leagues, it only makes sense[...]
NHL 21 Shows Off New Modes As The Game Launches
EA Sports revealed more details on a couple of the new modes in NHL 21 today as the game officially launches The devs talked a little more about the new Hut Rush mode as well as the improvements made to Be A pro and how you'll be able to have a greater experience going from[...]
EA Sports Is Bringing The Classic NHL 94 Back With NHL 21
EA Sports are about to make a lot of hockey fans really happy as they are bringing back NHL 94 with their latest game NHL 21 Considered to be one of the all-time classic hockey video games, NHL 94 was a breakout hit sports title for Electronic Arts at that time The SEGA Genesis version[...]
NHL 21 Shows Off Improvements Made To Be A Pro Mode
EA Sports released new info and a trailer today showing off improvements made to the Be A Pro mode in NHL 21 Previously the mode had you go through what felt like the typical rise to stardom for a player in the game's version of the NHL This time around there's a few changes to[...]
NHL 21 Reveals Cover Athlete & Release Date With A Trailer
EA Sports decided to show off a little more of NHL 21 this week as we now have a lengthier gameplay trailer The company hasn't talked a lot about the game leading up to its release one month from now on October 13th, 2020 Most likely because they want to get it right and now[...]
NHL 21 Reveals Cover Athlete & Release Date With A Trailer
EA Sports revealed a bunch of new information on NHL 21 today, including the release date and cover athlete, all with a new trailer First and foremost, Stanley Cup winner Alex Ovechkin from the Washington Capitals will be taking on the cover, as the company chose one of the most influential players in modern hockey to[...]
COD WARZONE NBA NHL April 2020 schedule
A special live stream is happening today at 3pm ET as NBA and NHL stars will compete against each other in Call Of Duty: Warzone Across several YouTube channels, you can catch multiple games today between teams as they compete for glory in a "Warstream" In a bit of social distancing and a bit of[...]
NHL Suspends Remainder of Season Over Coronavirus Concern
NHL has suspended the remainder of the 2020 season as Coronavirus concerns continue to wreak havoc on live events and mass gatherings This follows the NBA suspending its season last night and the NCAA conference tournaments also canceling games today MLB is supposed to begin their season in two weeks, and that looks to be[...]
"NHL 20" Reveals Its Hockey Ultimate Team Of The Year
EA Sports decided to have a little fun this week by revealing all six members of their NHL 20 Hockey Ultimate Team Of The Year The whole thing is to recognize the best of the best, in their opinion, for the achievements they accomplished in 2019 All six players will receive, both in and out-of-game,[...]
Snoop Dogg Has Been Added To "NHL 20" For Some Reason
Like today, where NHL 20 announced Snopp Dogg has been added to the game The news came down on Twitter today, along with a trailer showing him off Snoop is primarily here as a commentator, chiming in on games as a guest voice on occasion He's also playable in a few of the special modes,[...]
"NHL 20" Introduces  New Online Mode: HUT Rivals
Electronic Arts have launched a new online more for NHL 20 that fans can sink their teeth into called HUT Rivals The mode basically has you fighting against other people online in unique matchups where the winner gets some fun bonuses to add to their profile You can read a bit about the mode here,[...]
Toronto Maple Leafs' Auston Matthews Is The "NHL 20" Cover Athlete
EA Sports has decided to spur on some controversy today by releasing stats for  the top 50 rated players in NHL 20 before the game is released Much like NFL and NBA games, we're sure this list will in no way cause controversy or start another brawl in a Montréal Sitting at the top of[...]
Toronto Maple Leafs' Auston Matthews Is The "NHL 20" Cover Athlete
Electronic Arts have released new info to the changes and additions that have been made to NHL 20's Franchise Mode The developers posted a new blog entry this week talking about the changes made to coaches and what they get ranked on, team morale, giving interviews, scheme fit and lime chemistry, scouting reports and more[...]