Epic Pictures Announces First Game Release With Dread X Collection

Epic Pictures announced this week that they are releasing their first venture into video games with the Dread X Collection. The company has put together a collection of ten playable demos, all of which we have for you below so you can see what the full collection entails. This is being done as a way to provide a distribution platform for indie developers while the coronavirus is currently hitting smaller studios hard. The company has said that they will donate a portion of each sale to Doctors Without Borders to help during the COVID-19 crisis. Check out the full list of games below, as well as the trailer to show them off. Right now the plan is to make the Dread X Collection available for $7 later this month via itch.io.

Epic Pictures has decided to help indie studios by becoming a publishing platform for them.
Epic Pictures has decided to help indie studios by becoming a publishing platform for them.
  • Airdorf – His first major release was FAITH in 2017, a pixel horror game inspired by the era of 8-bit classic gaming and the "Satanic Scare" of the 1980s. He is known for making unique, retro-styled horror titles such as THE WINDEXTRA ORDINARY, and EARL'S DAY OFF.
  • Lovely Hellplace –  An indie game studio founded by James Wragg in 2018 and based in Brighton, UK. With a mission to create unique worlds, rich with enticing narratives and innovative mechanics, the studio is currently developing the unusual open-world RPG, Dread Delusion.
  • Mahelyk – Kyle Frost, a.k.a Mahelyk, has been developing games for over six years and is based in Dallas, Texas. His most recent work includes the virtual reality/desktop game SCP: Blackout, jam packed with horror, action, and SCP anomalies.
  • oddbreeze – Founded in 2016 by Jonathan Chouinard, the Montreal-based studio recently wrapped up production on its first title, Crew 167 The Grand Block Odyssey. The vision for the studio is to develop great experiences, with a strong focus on compelling story-telling and amazing soundtracks.
  • Scythe Dev Team – Originally starting as a music label before crossing into game development, their catalog includes Northbury Grove, Northbury Grove: King's Comfort, Senile Showdown, Walls Closing In, Entity, and Happy's Humble Burger Barn, all of which take place in the Scythe Saga Universe.
  • SecretCowLevel – A Los Angeles-based gaming studio founded by Justin Reynard, who has worked on Fallout: New VegasAlpha Protocol, and Dungeon Siege III. Their latest release is a reimagining of a digital collectible card game set in the world of mutant chronicles called Doomtrooper is currently in beta and set to release in spring 2020.
  • Snowrunner Games – The brainchild of marketing, public relations and video game design guru, Will Brierly, the indie studio is responsible for the world's only first-person soda drinking simulation, 2016's Soda Drinker Pro.
  • David Szymanski – American developer David Szymanski is the mind behind THE MOON SLIVERFINGERBONES, and the retro-styled first-person shooter, DUSK, which challenges players to battle through an onslaught of mystical backwater cultists, possessed militants and even darker forces as they attempt to discover just what lurks beneath the Earth.
  • Torple Dook –  Influenced by obscure metal genres, wizards and demons, and forgotten folklore and mythology, the Texas-based game designer has been in the industry since 2015, and released his first foray into the world of indie game dev with the horror fishing game EARL'S DAY OFF.

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