The Europa Update For Take On Mars Has Been Cleared For Launch

The Europa Update For Take On Mars Has Been Cleared For Launch
Credit// Bohemia Interactive

Available now on Steam, the Europa update for Take On Mars provides you with the opportunity to go ahead of our time, step your feet on the surface of Jupiter's Europa moon, and dive deep into oceans hidden under its icy crust. That's some serious bucket-list virtual tourism right there.

The brand new environment to explore — four square kilometers of Jupiter's Europa — are believed to be the most promising place in our solar system so far to find traces of extraterrestrial life.

In addition to the new environment itself, you'll enjoy two new single player mission, an online coop scenario, as well as some new and improved features — like new underwater mechanics or radiation simulation.

To accommodate yourself to the cold, low-gravity conditions of Europa, the update will also set you up with a warm new space suit, a diving suit, low-gravitation buggy, exploration submarine, and a spacious new habitat.

Along with the content package, Bohemia Interactive is also releasing a solid number of bug fixes, tweaks and overall game stability improvements for the base game. Hopefully, that'll go a long way to improving the game's mixed reception.

You can check out the Europa teaser trailer below.

Welcome to Europa – Jupiter's smallest moon, and our solar system's best spot to explore oceans (right after Earth, of course)! Coming with the Take On Mars Europa Update, you're given the opportunity to go ahead of our time and step your feet on the surface of Europa, or dive deep into its subsurface oceans… This free content update is available now on Steam. Take On Mars places you right in the middle of mankind's most exciting undertaking. Start out in the seat of a rover operator, finish as the first human to have ever set foot on the Red Planet.

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