Everything Pokémon GO Players Need To Know About Fletchling

Part of the fun of the main series Pokémon games is the lore of each species, which Pokémon GO recreates with short descriptions in their Pokédex entries. However, looking into the roles these Pokémon play in other games, and even the anime, can enrich the experience of hunting these creatures in Niantic's mobile game. In honor of this week's Kalos Celebration Event, let's take a deep dive into Fletchling's lore.

Fletchling official artwork. Credit: Pokémon Company International
Fletchling official artwork. Credit: Pokémon Company International

Dex entry number 661, Fletchling is a dual Normall/Flying-type species from the Kalos Region, introduced into the world of Pokémon with Generation Six. This Pokémon can be encountered as either male or female. Referred to as the "Tiny Robin Pokémon," this is what Fletchling's Dex entry says:

These friendly Pokémon send signals to one another with beautiful chips and tail-feather movements.

Fletchling is part of a three-stage evolutionary line. The Fletchling family's middle-stage is Fletchinder, which takes on a dual Fire/Flying-typing and is classified as the "Ember Pokémon." The final stage, the popular species Talonflame, retains that dual Fire/Flying-typing introduced in the second stage and takes on the classification of "Scorching Pokémon."

For fans of the anime, Fletchling and its line have quite a few appearances due to the lead character Ash catching one in the episode A Battle of Aerial Mobility! Ash's Fletchling evolves to Fletchinder in Battles in the Sky! and, ultimately, to Talonflame in A Legendary Photo Op! Other Fletchling appear in episodes such as Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! and many more.

Other Pokédex entries offer new information about Fletchling:

  • Y: Despite the beauty of its lilting voice, it's merciless to intruders that enter its territory.
  • Sun: This amiable Pokémon is easy to train. But when battle is joined, it shows its ferocious side.
  • Moon: When it's excited, its temperature can double, spiking hormone production in its body.
  • Ultra Sun: While it's an amiable Pokémon, if you touch it unexpectedly, it will heat up its body in an instant, and you'll be burned.
  • Ultra Moon: Its body is always warm. Trainers who live in cold areas apparently sleep with it in their bed.
  • Sword: Its melodious cries are actually warnings. Fletchling will mercilessly peck at anything that enters its territory.

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