Evil Genius 2 Shows Off More Red Ivan Gameplay

Rebellion Developments has released a new gameplay trailer this week for Evil Genius 2 showing off the evil intentions of Red Ivan. As you may be aware, the game has a few different evil masterminds all plotting world domination from their secret base locations. Red Ivan, as you'll see in the trailer below, has been set up on this island casino resort that also doubles as his secret lair. A lot of what you're seeing in this trailer is stuff we experienced during our sneak peek of the game that we chatted about a few weeks ago. But now you're getting a better look at how things are set in motion and how you'll be able to operate the base behind closed doors. And in case the worse comes to fruition, you have your hand on a button to threaten all mankind for getting in your way. Enjoy the trailer as we wait to find out when the game will come out during the first half of 2021.

Red Ivan plotting his world domination, courtesy of Rebellion Developments.
Red Ivan plotting his world domination, courtesy of Rebellion Developments.
The new trailer features world-first gameplay footage of playable genius Red Ivan, as voiced by Brian Blessed. Not only can you see Red Ivan's literally iron fist and destructive rocket launcher in action, but also never-before-seen traps, minions, henchmen, rooms, contraptions and more. Evil Genius 2 is the premiere supervillain experience, combining lair-building strategy with world-dominating tyranny. Red Ivan is one of the FOUR playable geniuses in the game, and each genius has their own unique campaign and storyline – yes, there are FOUR unique campaigns in Evil Genius 2. That's a lot of evil for your buck. Blessed is known for his incredible performances across film, TV and stage, including in Flash Gordon, Henry V, Tarzan and Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace – so who better to play a mastermind with a predilection for loudly blowing things up?

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