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Many lifelong Pokémon card collectors were first introduced to the hobby with the Pokémon TCG 2-Player Starter set, which featured a guaranteed Machamp holographic card. Machamp holds a special place in my heart because of that, which I think of every time I throw my Machamp out to bust up a Rock-type in Pokémon GO. There's something so ridiculously satisfying about watching those ridiculous four arms just go to town on another Pokémon. Fighting-type Pokémon has been a major staple of the games and the TCG since the launch of the franchise, but the way they are handled in the TCG is a bit different. The TCG groups Fighting-types, Rock-types, and Ground-types into a single, cohesive "Fighting-type" genre to create more streamlined gameplay. That's why you'll see Rhyhorn, a Rock-type, and Hitmonlee, a Fighting-type, rocking the same energy symbol even though they are considered different types in other iterations of Pokémon. Now, fans of these punchy Pokés can head over to Heritage Auctions to check out a current offer featuring two true Fighting-type cards from the Gym Heroes, and Gym Challenge sets.

Machamp & Hitmonchan Pokémon Cards. Credit: Heritage Auctions
Machamp & Hitmonchan Pokémon Cards. Credit: Heritage Auctions

Pokémon Giovanni's Machamp #6 First Edition Gym Challenge and Rocket's Hitmonchan #11 Unlimited Gym Heroes Set Rare Hologram Trading Cards (Wizards of the Coast, 2000) CGC Graded.

The Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge Sets centered around the gym leaders from the Kanto Region. Giovanni was the gym leader of Viridian City's Gym along with being the head of the evil organization Team Rocket! This lot includes Giovanni's Machamp (NM/Mint 8) and Rocket's Hitmonchan (NM/Mint+ 8.5), double the trouble! The artwork is done by Ken Sugimori. SMR Price Guide value for Giovanni's Machamp=$20. Rocket's Hitmonchan is not listed on the SMR Price Guide.

Don't miss your chance to get in the ring and square up to bid for these graded cards. You can stake your claim and fight to win right now over at Heritage Auctions.

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