Trying to Figure Out Which is the Head in Phogs at PAX East

Way back in the day, when the show CatDog came out on Nickelodeon, a friend of mine turned to me and asked the question "So which end does it poop out of?" That same question came to mind and made me chuckle as I played Phogs at PAX East.

This game will give your fingers a workout the same way I Am Bread does, only with half the pain and not as much frustration at the end. You control a worm-like animal with what appears to be two dog heads on either end. You have the ability to make the worm grow and gain some length, as well as the ability to clamp down on things with either mouth. You'll use these skills to solve puzzles throughout the level that eventually lead you to be eaten by some larger version of a Phog… we think.

Trying to Figure Out Which is the Head in Phogs at PAX East

Phogs is actually really fun and has some cool mechanics to check out. One of the best moments as when we used one side to grab hold of a light source, and then the other end became a flashlight. We weren't given any release information from CoatSink about when this would be coming out, and we can't find anything online beyond their website about it, which says they're aiming for 2019 — so we'll just have to wait and see.

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