Cake Bash Demo Now Playable For Steam Summer Game Festival

Cake Bash Demo Will be Playable For Steam Summer Game Festival

Coatsink and Hot Tea Frog have developed this multiplayer brawl-for-all where you are different pastries and confectionary treats battling each other for supremacy on the bakery checkout The game is actually pretty fun to look at as you can see from the trailer below Now you can try it out for free as part of[...]


Trying to Figure Out Which is the Head in Phogs at PAX East

we think.[caption id="attachment_829753" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//CoatSink[/caption]Phogs is actually really fun and has some cool mechanics to check out One of the best moments as when we used one side to grab hold of a light source, and then the other end became a flashlight We weren't given any release information from CoatSink about when this[...]