Final Fantasy Tactics' Yasumi Matsuno Is Working On Something New

A new interview this week gave a small bit of insight as to what video game designer Yasumi Matsuno is currently up to right now. The news came in a roundabout way, as it all started with an interview on 4Gamer with Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy franchise. The website was doing one of their usual Q&A stories that they tend to post with all sorts of developers and creators in Japan, basically going over certain topics that come to mind. Here's a translation of one of the questions Sakaguchi was asked by their team.

4Gamer: Who is the person you have observed (or been observing) the most in 2021?

Sakaguchi: Yasumi Matsuno. Apparently he is currently writing a scenario, but I am looking forward to seeing what kind of title it will be like.

Promo art for Final Fantasy Tactics, courtesy of Square Enix.
Promo art for Final Fantasy Tactics, courtesy of Square Enix.

That's a pretty big deal for a lot of us who grew up on Final Fantasy titles in the '90s, seeing as how Matsuno was pretty influential in a few titles for the franchise. Specifically, he served as the writer and director for Final Fantasy Tactics, as well as being the writer and original director on Final Fantasy XII (although his time on the project didn't end well as he had to depart due to health reasons) and a producer on Tactics Advance. Outside of SE, he's worked on Unsung Story, MadWorld, Crimson Shroud, and Lost Order. So to hear he has something new in the works gives those of us who absolutely love his work. Aside from Untold Story in 2020, he has been writing scenarios for Final Fantasy XIV, so it seems like he's on good terms with SE if he wanted to release a game through them.  But since we won't know what he's been working on until next year, it's basically a wait-and-see kind of deal. But an exciting one!

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