For Honor Releases Shovel Knight Content For Fourth Anniversary

Things are about to get a lot more honorable in For Honor as Shovel Knight makes his way into the game for a limited time. In a special collaboration between Ubisoft and Yacht Club Games, the two have come together for an in-game crossover with the iconic shovel-wielding hero, which is available now for all players. Players can "dig" into Shovel Knight-themed content, which includes a Shovel Drop Emote and three Illustrious Outfits. Each of them featuring Ornaments, Mood Effects, Symbols, and more that will make you both beloved by fans and fearsome of foes. The emote is currently available for 10,000 Steel in the game, while the Outfits will be available for 15,000 to 20,000 Steel a piece. While these are cool additions, they're only around for a short time as they will be taken away come March 4th. On top of this, the company is teasing the reveal of Year 5 content on the way, as we have some of the details on that below.

You know, until you seem him bare-chested, you forget there's a manly man under that blue armor. Courtesy of Ubisoft.
You know, until you seem him bare-chested, you forget there's a manly man under that blue armor. Courtesy of Ubisoft.

Following four years of continuous content updates and improvements, Year 5 brings an additional year of content to the game while continuing the narrative arc that began in Year 4. The Year of the Covenants will officially kick off on March 11, and more information on Year 5 Season 1 will come at a later date. The content roadmap for the upcoming year includes four themed seasons bringing new customization items, two new Heroes – with one Hero to be released during Year 5 Season 2 and another to be released during Year 5 Season 4 – as well as in-game events offering players new ways to enjoy the game and a Battle Pass for each season. More details for Year 5 will be revealed in a Warrior's Den livestream today at 12:00PM ET on the For Honor Twitch channel.

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